Engineering summer camps

Our engineering camps provide students with a glimpse into their possible future as engineers through hands-on activities such as building and testing bridges, blasting bottle rockets and more.

2019 Engineering Camp Schedule
Dates Camp Name Cost Ages
June 10-14 Beakers & Burners **Waitlist** $350 12-15
June 10-14 Makers' Camp $350 14-17
June 24-28 Bits & Bytes $350 13-17
June 24-28 MakeHERS Camp for Young Women $350 12-15
July 8-12 Engineering Everywhere $350 12-15
July 8-12 Drones & Droids **Waitlist** $450 14-18
July 15-19 Building a Better World **Closed** $350 14-17
July 15-19 Discover Engineering  Free to eligible students  13-16

Too young for an engineering summer camp? Check out the great summer camp offerings from Kids University.

Camp hours

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. New in 2019! We are pleased to offer extended care before and after camp. Participants can be dropped off as early as 7:30 am and must be picked up by 5:30 pm. The cost for extended care is $60 per week per camper. 

For questions or additional information, please contact Claire Parker at or (775) 327-2256.

Camp descriptions

Beakers & Burners: Chemical and Materials Engineering Camp **Waitlist**

Can you make ocean water drinkable? Why don't nuclear reactors melt? Campers will explore those questions and many more through hands-on activities in the weird and wonderful world of chemical and materials engineering. An off-campus field trip will introduce campers to what it's really like to build a career in this expanding field.

Makers' Camp: Manufacturing Engineering

Do you ever look at something and wonder how you can make it better? Do you like taking thing apart and putting them back together in new - and better! - ways? In the Makers' Camp, young engineers will gain experience with the machines, materials, and methods that manufacturing engineers use to make and improve the products we use everyday.

Bits & Bytes: Computer Science Camp

Computers run our world, but how do you tell a computer what to do? This camp will introduce students to the common languages that computers speak so that building digital tools - from apps to websites - will be within their grasp. By designing and building their own real-world project, campers will learn code, understand hardware and software, and get exposed to the ins-and-outs of user-friendly design.

MakeHERS Camp: Young Women in Engineering

Using the same curriculum as our Engineering Everywhere camp, this camp is designed specifically for young women who want to learn more about engineering. In addition to engineering design challenges and field trip, this camp includes mentoring sessions with University faculty, alums and current students to show young women why engineering needs them.

Engineering Everywhere!: Intro to Engineering Camp

Engineering is everywhere, from the roads we drive on to the medicine we take to the computers we use. This camp introduces students to diverse fields in engineering, including chemical, civil, biomedical and computer science. Students will design, build and test a number of projects, from bridges to bottle rockets, to experience the challenges that engineers encounter everyday. A local field trip will help students discover how engineering is all around us in our community.

Drones & Droids: Autonomous Systems and Robotics Camp **Waitlist**

Why don't driverless cars crash into each other? How can drones help us fight wildfires? Can robots learn empathy? As unmanned drones and autonomous systems grow in importance, these campers will learn how to make the upcoming robot revolution work for us, not against us.

Building A Better World: Civil & Environmental Engineering Camp **Closed**

How do bridges stay standing? How do bikes trigger traffic lights? Is it safe to drink tap water after an earthquake? Civil and environmental engineers tackle these questions every day, and these campers will learn the ins and outs of how we make our infrastructure and environment safe, efficient and sustainable.  

Discover Engineering: MESA First Generation Engineering Camp

This is a free, introductory camp, open only to students who will be the first person in their immediate family to attend college. Entry is competitive and the deadline to apply is May 22nd, 2019. This camp's curriculum is very similar to our Engineering Everywhere camp. Learn more about the MESA First Generation Camp