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K-12 Engineering Lab

Students in an electrical engineering lab

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Who: Small Groups (up to 10 students at a time)

What: 2 hour long engineering lessons with hands-on components (1 hour lesson, 1 hour tour)

When: By appointment. Contact Elyse Bozsik at for details

Where: The University of Nevada, College of Engineering K-12 Outreach Lab, Jot Travis Building

Come join us in our new K-12 Engineering Outreach campus lab! We are excited to announce the opening of our very first on-campus lab dedicated to K-12 engineering exploration and outreach. We offer four engineering lessons designed for small groups to explore and learn about engineering in an engaging environment.

Renewable Energy 

Students will learn about renewable energy through solar demonstrations, wind experiments, and other renewable sources. Students will also tour the College of Engineering labs.

Electrical Engineering

Students will experiment with circuits and wires and learn about how electricity is made. Students will also tour the College of Engineering labs.

Civil Engineering

Students will tour our campus shake tables and will create their own towers to test on our miniature shake table.

Aerospace Engineering

Students will learn about the principals of flight and new aerospace innovations such as drones and unmanned autonomous systems (UAS). Students will tour a UAS lab and will make their own airplanes or hovercraft to test out their skills.

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