A composition of a portrait of Jevin West (top left), a photo of Maddie Lohman holding a bird (bottom left), a portrait of Paul Hurtado (bottom right), and the Discover Science Podcast Series identifier which looks like a cross between a microphone and a microscope (top right).
Discover Science Podcast: Jevin West on misinformation in and about science

Graduate student Maddie Lohman and math professor Paul Hurtado are joined by Jevin West

Portrait of Jevin West.
What can be done to stop misinformation in and about science?

Discover Science lecturer on Feb. 22 will discuss the institution of science

A composite image. In the top left corner, a portrait of Colby Pellegrino. In the bottom left corner, an image of a boat on the Colorado River. In the bottom right corner, a portrait of Elizabeth Koebele. In the top right corner, the Discover Science podcast identifier.
Discover Science Podcast: Colby Pellegrino on the water challenges of the Colorado River

Political science professor Elizabeth Koebele is joined by Colby Pellegrino

A composite image of portraits of Joe Schwarcz in the upper left corner, Jesus Diaz Sanchez in the bottom left corner, Brian Frost in the bottom right corner, and the Discover Science Podcast Series logo in the upper right corner.
Discover Science Podcast: Joe Schwarcz on the magic of chemistry

Chemistry student Jesus Diaz Sanchez and chemistry professor Brian Frost are joined by Joe Schwarcz

An aerial photo of Lake Mead with a boat on it.
Colorado River expert gives talk Nov. 2

Colby Pellegrino to discuss status of the Colorado River for Discover Science Lecture Series

Joe Schwarcz, wearing a suit and tie, holds a large apple and smiles as he pretends to bite into it.
Chemist, author and radio host Joe Schwarcz to visit campus

Schwarcz will be kicking off the 13th season of the Discover Science Lecture Series

A woman wearing blue scrubs and white gloves holds a leopard kitten.
Former Smithsonian Institution Under Secretary for Science closes out 12th season of Discover Science

Eva Pell will share what she learned while serving in the role and how she became a children’s book author

A man sits in a laboratory next to a metal device.
Nobel laureate physicist visits University on March 2

Discover Science Lecture Series brings renowned physicist to campus

Discover Science compilation image of hosts and Andrew Revkin
Discover Science Podcast: Andrew Revkin on the state of journalism in the era of climate change

Graduate student Shelby Herbert leads a discussion between the renowned science journalist and professors Sudeep Chandra and Zeb Hogan.

A NASA artist's rendering of Titan shows a dust storm on a reddish-orange planet, with Saturn shown in the moon's "sky".
Planetary scientist to visit University: “I want to find the weird things”

Sarah M. Hörst’s Discover Science lecture on Dec. 1

A man stands on a causeway that is flooding.
Climate journalist asks, “Sustain what?”

Andrew Revkin, an award-winning environmental and sustainability journalist, will bring some of the insights he’s gained in his 34 years of reporting experience to the University on September 8. Revkin’s lecture will kick off the 12th season of the Discover Science Lecture Series.

Four images in a grid. Top left shows a man standing on a flooded causeway. Top right shows a man leaning over equipment with tubes and lenses. Bottom left shows a woman sitting at a laboratory bench. Bottom right shows a woman standing at a podium.
Discover Science Lecture Series opens its 12th season

This season's lineup includes a range of disciplines. Registration for the first lecture on September 8 is now open.

Discover Science Podcast with Harrison Schmitt
Discover Science podcast: Harrison Schmitt on his trip to the Moon

Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt discusses what it was like to be on the Moon's surface, what we're still learning from the samples brought back to Earth and what the future of lunar exploration looks like

Kizzmekia Corbett, Christopher Sanchez and Melanie Duckworth in a collage with the Discover Science podcast identifier.
Discover Science podcast: Kizzmekia Corbett on going where you are loved

Scientific Lead in the development of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine discusses her research and work, the importance of good mentorship, and finding her place in science.

Kizzmekia Corbett, wearing a white lab coat, smiles and leans over a bannister.
COVID-19 Vaccine developer Kizzmekia Corbett to visit University for Discover Science lecture April 28

The scientific lead for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine research team was named a TIME Magazine Hero of the Year. Registration for her lecture is now open.

Astronaut and flag in the foreground with Earth in the background far away.
Apollo 17 astronaut, scientist and moonwalker Harrison Schmitt visits University March 31

The Discover Science Lecture Series continues with a visit from Apollo 17 astronaut and scientist Harrison Schmitt who stepped off the Moon's surface on December 19 during the last lunar visit.

A screengrab from the movie shows the actors playing Hardy (left) and Ramanujan (right) as they walk at Trinity College.
Why does "The Man Who Knew Infinity" matter?

Mathematician Ken Ono will present his Discover Science lecture answering this question on March 10, following a screening of the movie “The Man Who Knew Infinity.”

President Joe Biden greets Kizzmekia Corbett, an immunologist with the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health during a visit at the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health on Thursday, February 11, 2021 in Bethesda, Maryland.
Discover Science Lecture Series kicks off

The College of Science welcomes an astronaut, leading COVID-19 vaccine developer and more for its 2021/2022 season

Photo collage of three portraits and the "Discover Science" podcast logo.
COVID-19: Thinking back and looking forward

Members of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology discuss the COVID-19 vaccine technology, hesitancy, distribution and more for the Discover Science podcast

Compilation image of a striped dress that sparked debate on the internet over it's color.
Calibrating Vision, a Discover Science at Home lecture

Foundation Professor and Director of the University’s Center for Integrative Neuroscience Michael Webster discusses the complex adaptations of our visual senses in his March 11 Discover Science virtual lecture.

A sepia-toned photo shows the Mars landscape with a hill and rocky features.
Is there life on Mars?

Professor and Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering and member of the Mars Exploration Rover Team answers questions about roving on Mars.

High-Resolution Still Image of Perseverance's Landing
Roving Mars: From Sojourner to Perseverance

Foundation Professor and planetary scientist Wendy Calvin will discuss the evolution of Mars rovers in her March 11 Discover Science virtual lecture.

Carr Fire vortex
Wildfire plume dynamics: Discover Science at Home series Nov. 19

College of Science public event moves online, high-intensity wildfires subject of third talk

msueum exhibit prep
Tales from the Crypt: Discover Science at Home series Oct. 22

College of Science public event moves online, Museum of Natural History focus of second talk

geothermal pool
Discover Science at Home Speaker Series debuts Sept. 24

College of Science public series moves online, geothermal energy first topic

Grid of three podcast participant headshots along with the Discover Science Podcast Series logo.
Exploring the relationship between space, race and STEM attainment on the Discover Science podcast

Dr. William F. Tate IV speaks with the College of Science about his research revealing the uneven contours of the education pipeline.

William Tate Discover Science Lecture
William Tate to present lecture on relationship of place, race and STEM education

Free public Discover Science Lecture Series to be held at Davidson Mathematics and Science Center

An artist's conception showing two merging black holes.
Astrophysicist Gabriela González to speak about gravitational wave discovery

College of Science invites top scientists for free Discover Science Lecture Series public lectures

Mackay statue on Quad
John Mackay expert is first speaker in Discover Science Lecture Series

Gregory Crouch is biographer of University of Nevada, Reno benefactor

dry grass
Science and policy: the Yin and Yang dynamic of global food security

Plant pathologist Bob Zeigler to present at Discover Science Lecture Series

Karen Lloyd near a small body of water.
Microbes in weird places: what life is like in the deep Earth

Karen Lloyd will speak on her recent research at the Discover Science Lecture, Thursday March 14

Dr. Karen Lloyd (left) and Dr. Robert Zeigler
Discover Science Lecture Series announces its spring speaker schedule

The College of Science welcomes two leading researchers to campus during the spring 2019 semester.

Hillis Plot
Evolutionary biologist David Hillis to speak on genomic sequencing of “Tree of Life”

Free public event, College of Science Discover Science Lecture, Nov. 15

Photo of Jim Bell's book: The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide: A Futuristic Journey Through the Cosmos
Planetary Scientist Jim Bell will take you on a vacation through space

Discover Science Lecture Series brings solar system tour guide and astronomer to talk with community

Discover Science Lecture speaker Jaime Casap
Jaime Casap launches 2018-2019 Discover Science Lecture Series Aug. 22

Casap is the Education Evangelist at Google and speaks to education influencers about the role of web and tech-based learning

Mick Hitchcock
Biochemist and developer of groundbreaking anti-viral drugs to speak at the College of Science

Mick Hitchcock will speak April 5 at 7 p.m. as part of the Discover Science Lecture Series

Davidson Mathematics and Science Building
Mick Hitchcock closes out Discover Science Lecture Series April 5

Hitchcock is a University of Nevada, Reno trustee and bio-pharmaceutical researcher revolutionizing HIV treatment

S. James Gates Jr.
S. James Gates Jr. to speak at the College of Science March 8

World-renowned theoretical physicist S. James Gates Jr. is known for his research on supersymmetry as well as his advocacy for diversity in education.

Students stand with julie Robinson for a photo
NASA Chief Scientist Julie Robinson visits with students, community

College of Science and Davidson Academy students and professors meet with Julie Robinson prior to her lecture

The Davidson Math and Science Center at the University of Nevada, Reno
How “The Diversity Bonus” improves Science, Finance, Sports

Scott E. Page comes to the University of Nevada, Reno Thursday, Oct. 12.

Davidson Math and Science Center at University of Nevada, Reno
College of Science talks Diversity, Space, Superstrings, HIV

Discover Science Lecture Series begins its seventh year at Nevada

Greene with snake
Herpetologist Harry Greene to close Discover Science Lecture Series

The award-winning author and professor will discuss how natural history influences values

Harry Greene
Discover Science Lecture Series to wrap up with snake expert

Celebrated herpetologist and rewilding proponent Harry W. Green will talk snakes and returning developed land to its natural state

Prepare for lift off with planetary scientist and Saturn expert Carolyn Porco

Discover Science Lecture Series takes a spin through the solar system on March 16

Planetary scientist and Saturn expert Carolyn Porco will speak at University of Nevada, Reno

Discover Science Lecture Series turns its eyes to the sky March 16 as part of the series

Fly guy
Fly expert to explain mystery of why swatting flies is tough

Michael Dickinson, will speak as part of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Discover Science Lecture Series

Michael Dickinson
Neuroscientist and bioengineer to speak about aerodynamic feats of fruit flies

Michael Dickinson to present Feb. 16 in free Discover Science Lecture Series at University of Nevada, Reno

Astronomer, Astrobiology Ambassador Derrick Pitts to speak at lecture series

Next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series Oct. 13 at University of Nevada, Reno

Robert Williams, Hubble Telescope scientist
Hubble telescope director reveals passion for astronomy, exploring universe

Robert Williams is next speaker for the Discover Science Lecture Series, April 21

Grand Canyon expert Karl Karlstrom to talk on origins of natural wonder of world

Next speaker in the Discover Science Lecture Series at University of Nevada, Reno

Zeb Hogan, researcher and Monster Fish expert, to talk about big fish

University of Nevada, Reno College of Science’s Discover Science lecture May 7

Monster Fish expert Zeb Hogan to talk about big fish

University of Nevada, Reno College of Science’s Discover Science lecture May 7

Monster fish, indicator of ecosystem health, face extinction crisis

A decade of discovery by College of Science researcher Zeb Hogan shows big fish disappearing

NOVA host, science fan David Pogue to give free public lecture

College of Science’s Discover Science lecture April 2

Leader in molecular chemistry and designer molecules to give public lecture

College of Science Discover Science lecture Feb. 12 features Paul Wender

Mathematics comes to life in a musically entertaining evening of education

Award-winning professor David Kung featured in Discover Science Lecture Series.

Robert Ballard, discoverer of Titanic wreckage, featured at University lecture

Ocean explorer final speaker in this year’s free public Discover Science Lecture Series

Alan Krause, CEO of firm that designed new Panama Canal to speak in Discover Science Lecture Series

Mackay School of Mines grad to talk on trade, technology and environment

Physicist Brian Greene brings “Why Science Matters” lecture to University

Best-selling author, NOVA science-show host featured in public Discover Science Lecture Series talk

Steven Strogatz, mathematician, radio show host, author to lecture April 4

Public invited to free lecture in Discover Science Lecture Series

Michio Kaku, renowned physicist and TV science show host, comes to campus

College of Science's Discover Science Lecture Series features public lecture Feb. 7

Yellowstone Wolf Project director to speak Dec. 6

Renowned biologist to make appearance as part of Discover Science Lecture Series

Robert Trivers to speak on deceit, self-deception as part of Discover Science Lecture Series

Renowned evolutionary biologist to make appearance Oct. 16 at 7 p.m.

Bill Nye the Science Guy to bring his science to Lawlor Events Center Sept. 6

College of Science, ASUN team up to bring popular scientist-entertainer to campus

Climate change scientist to debunk debunkers at free Discover Science Lecture Series

Noted author and scientist Naomi Oreskes to speak April 17

Jeff Lieberman
'Time Warp' host to speak on the nature of curiosity

Jeff Lieberman is the latest speaker in the 'Discover Science' lecture series

CalTech's Harry Gray to speak Dec. 8 on making clean fuel from sunlight and water

Army of students contribute to efforts to find global solar solutions for public

University hosts United Nations food economy expert for public lecture

World food crisis expected to continue with higher prices, volatility in domestic markets

Best-selling author Mary Roach featured in Discover Science Lecture Series

Humorist, writer to talk about her latest book “Packing for Mars” at the Davidson Math and Science Sept. 13

Archeologist and Amazon expert Anna Roosevelt to lecture

Tyson delivers a campus knockout

The overflow turnout and spirited reaction for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Discover Science” lecture on Feb. 3 is something the campus will not soon forget.

lake tahoe scenic
Tahoe expert Charles Goldman to give public talk about world water crisis

New faculty member to present Dec. 2 in Discover Science Lecture Series

Human genome theorist Michael Waterman to lecture