Performance Management & Evaluation

Our faculty consists of Administrative and Academic professional members who perform responsibilities related to the formation and implementation of managerial policies and general operations of the university. Additionally, we also employ those who specifically create and disseminate scholarly information through teaching, research and library services. Other faculty appointments include Adjunct Faculty, Emeritus, Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical Residents.

Academic Faculty Toolkit and Evaluation

Information and documents necessary to complete an Academic Faculty member's yearly evaluation and assessment.

Administrative Faculty Evaluation Forms

Everything necessary to complete an Administrative Faculty member's annual review and evaluation.

Classified Performance Evaluation

The evaluation for classified employees is determined by the date the employee achieves regular status. Once that date is established the employee is to be evaluated on that date every year. "Does not meets standards" evaluations have the potential to negatively impact a classified employee's merit increase and longevity payments. For further assistance or information regarding classified evaluations please refer to NAC 284.470 or contact Business Center North Human Resources at (775) 784-6844.