Spanish-language media

Work professionally in news, public relations or advertising in both English and Spanish.

In-class experience

  • Develop professional skills in English and Spanish news, public relations or advertising.
  • Practice news, public relations or advertising with an emphasis on reaching Spanish-speaking communities.
Student poses holding a camera and wearing a Noticiero Móvil shirt.


What you'll learn

  • How to report bilingually
  • How to produce public relations and advertising campaigns for multicultural audiences
  • How to work internationally

Where you'll intern

  • News organizations
  • Public relations and advertising agencies
  • Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits

Possible careers after graduation

  • Bilingual reporter, editor or producer
  • Bilingual PR account executive or advertising manager
  • Engagement editor, media producer or media manager interested in reaching Spanish-speaking populations

What you'll study

  • Courses (18 credits)
    1. Required courses (15 credits)
      • JOUR 306 Latina/os through the Eyes of the Media
      • JOUR 307 Multimedia Reporting and Editing OR JOUR 361 Writing for PR/Advertising
      • JOUR 482 - International and Cross-Cultural Reporting OR JOUR 351 Principles of PR/Advertising
      • JOUR 465 Noticiero Móvil OR JOUR 440 Advanced Media Production
      • JOUR 465 Noticiero Móvil (second semester) in Spanish OR JOUR 442 Advanced Strategic Com (Spanish)
    2. Recommended courses (3 credits)
      • Upper division elective to help develop expertise in a specific area
  • Recommended minors / double majors

    The Spanish-language media emphasis offers students the possibility to do an accelerated dual major (journalism and Spanish), taking advantage of inter-program synergies.

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Meet emphasis faculty

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Claudia Cruz
Claudia Cruz
Director of Internships and Experiential Learning She, her
(775) 784-4434
RSJ 303B
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Ezequiel Korin
Ezequiel Korin
Assistant Professor of Spanish-Language Media He, him
(775) 784-6946
RSJ 203
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