Media production, podcasting, documentary filmmaking and more


Reporting initiatives

Innovative pop-up newsrooms by Reynolds School of Journalism students, from a sandbox to business reporting.

The Reynolds Sandbox logo

Reynolds Sandbox

A production sandbox for Reynolds School of Journalism students.

Nevada Vote logo


A pop-up newsroom on elections in Nevada.

Reno Tahoe Business Report logo

Reno Tahoe Business Report

Student journalism about local business trends.



Revealing documentaries from the Reynolds School of Journalism.

Four Burritos logo

Four Burritos

A documentary of how the Reno Burrito project began.

Winds of Change logo

Winds of Change

A documentary about the residents of Virginia City, Nevada.

Paws for Purpose logo

Paws for Purpose

A documentary about an unexpected bond formed when a dispatch center receives a tragic call. 

On Two Wheels logo

On Two Wheels

A documentary about bike culture in Reno.

Rainbow Rodeo logo

Rainbow Rodeo

A documentary about the National Gay Rodeo.

Huck It logo

Huck It

A documentary about ultimate frisbee.

Ciudad de Migrantes logo

Ciudad de Migrantes

A documentary about life on the border in Tijuana.

Loner Boys logo

Loner Boys

A documentary about a Reno band finding its way.

The Anarchists' Picnic logo

The Anarchists' Picnic

A documentary about anarchists finding their own solution to help.

Más Que Pan logo

Más Que Pan

A documentary about a Guatemalan baker starting over after family tragedies.

Goodbye Chinatown logo

Goodbye Chinatown

A documentary about a missing part of Reno's history.

Reyna Latina logo

Reyna Latina

A documentary about a drag queen between Reno and Mexico.


Client services

Students from the Reynolds School of Journalism are available to produce web videos, documentaries, podcasts, other interactive media products and branding for external clients. For more information and queries, contact the Reynolds Media Lab coordinator Nico Colombant at the button below.

Examples of client projects

A young man who uses services at the Eddy House sits inside the Eddy House facility.

A house of help, a house of hope

A client video made with branding for the Eddy House.

You got this! podcast logo

You got this!

A podcast featuring university faculty offering advice for college students