Employer & client resources

Thank you for being willing to host a student intern. Your dedication to providing professional guidance for our students is vital to their growth and an important element of our educational program. If you have any questions at all as you go through the process described below, please feel free to call or email our director of internships and experiential learning, Claudia Cruz.


We are looking for internship mentors who have a minimum of five years of professional media experience and who can:

  • Agree to orient the student intern and provide meaningful media-related work
  • Meet regularly with the student throughout the internship for feedback and guidance
  • Provide a minimum of 120 hours of work for the intern. Requests to work more than 120 hours should be negotiated with the student.
  • Complete the final online evaluation for the student
  • Adhere to Dept. of Labor employment standards 
  • Wherever possible, pay the student for work or cover the student’s tuition for the internship course
  • Sign and return an organizational agreement and site assessment form and complete a mentor verification agreement. See required forms below. 

Post an internship opportunity

If you would like to advertise a position for a student intern, you can post details of your internship opportunity on our website.

Feel free to talk with Claudia Cruz about your position and the type of student you are looking for.

Students complete internships in the spring, summer or fall semesters. In order to ensure all paperwork is completed prior to the beginning of an internship, we encourage sites to advertise positions at least two months prior to the start of a semester whenever possible.

  • Fall semester runs end of August to mid-December
  • Spring semester runs end of January to mid-May
  • Summer semester runs first week of June thru mid-August

Required forms

Mentors are asked to complete the following steps to verify agreement with guidelines required by the university:

  1. Become a community partner
    1. Organization looking to host an intern for credit with the Reynolds School must first become a University community partner. Additional information and required forms can be found at the link above.
  2. Mentor verification agreement
    1. We ask all mentors to fill out this short form verifying their media experience and willingness to provide mentorship and evaluations.

Once the steps to become a community partner have been completed, the university will be able to approve your site for internships. Should you wish to host an intern again in the future, these agreements will remain current for five years from the date of signing.


In addition to providing internships, we also encourage organizations who wish to arrange for contract work for students to contact us. Faculty are available to supervise students who are interested in working as contractors for clients or as freelancers for media organizations. If you are looking for multimedia (video, audio or writing) work, please email Claudia Cruz. For design work, please contact Amber Walsh. For other types of client or freelance work, please contact the Associate Dean Gi Yun.