Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism

At the Reynolds School of Journalism, we prepare students for lifelong learning by teaching critical attitudes and professional skills. Our students build careers in professional news, public relations, advertising, visual design, documentary, broadcasting, podcasting, Spanish language media as well as future graduate work in law, business, the social sciences and humanities.

Our degree is flexible and interdisciplinary, providing generous opportunities for developing second majors, double minors or for in-depth work in the Reynolds School that includes experiential education in the form of internships, practicums and service-learning opportunities.

Degree requirements

View the requirements for our bachelor's degree from 2015 to present.

Select the year based on when you entered the university as a journalism pre-major or when you transferred into the program as a journalism major.

  • 2020-2021 degree requirements

    To earn a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, you will complete courses in the following areas:

    1. The university core curriculum (approximately 24 units)
    2. Required journalism major courses (21 units):
      • JOUR 103 – Introduction to Media and Society
      • JOUR 107 – Media Writing
      • JOUR 108 – Media Design
      • JOUR 208 – Media Production
      • JOUR 305 - Media Ethics
      • JOUR 401 - First Amendment and Society
      • JOUR 499 - Professional Internship or JOUR 416 – Practicum (3)
    3. Required emphasis courses (12-15 units). Emphases include:
    4. Journalism electives (3-6 units).
      • Any upper-division courses in the school.
    5. Breadth requirements (8 units)
      • Completion of a second-semester college language course.
    6. A minor in another subject (18-21 units)
      • We have more than 80 minors on campus to choose from, including Spanish, political science, sociology, geography, communication studies, cybersecurity, cinema and media studies, digital media, digital photography, videography, and many others. View the list of University of Nevada, Reno undergraduate minors

    Students must complete 39 units of journalism courses for the major and 120 units overall to graduate. A complete description of the degree program is available in the University of Nevada, Reno Course Catalog.

    2020-2021 catalog requirements

  • 2016-2020 requirements

    Visit the University Course Catalog for degree requirements from 2016-2020. 

    University Course Catalog

Academic advising

If you have questions about our bachelor's degree in journalism, make an advising appointment with Reynold School's academic advisor, Jean Dixon.