Faculty member poses indoors.

Laura Crosswell

Director of the Center for Advanced Media Studies and Associate Professor of Health Communication


Laura Crosswell holds a joint appointment between the Reynolds School and the School of Medicine. Prior to joining the Reynolds School, she taught a variety of courses at the College of Charleston, Louisiana State University, and Arizona State University.

You can find Laura’s latest work in scholarly journals such as "Critical Public Health and Public Health Perspectives" as well as in her book, "Politics, Propaganda, and Public Health."  Her research focuses on the cultural implications of consumerism and persuasive texts, and she often uses advanced eye-tracking technology to examine the physiological and psychosocial influences of media content. Her work specifically concentrates on the politicized and commercialized mechanisms of public health messaging.


  • Ph.D. in Media and Public Affairs, Louisiana State University
  • Master's in Communication, College of Charleston
  • Bachelor's in Communication and Media Studies, Clemson University