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Educational Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Deadline for Fall semester:

1)     8/19/2016 - Last date to submit grant-in-aid in order to have fees posted in time and avoid late fees for the Fall Semester.*

2)    9/8/2016 - This date is the final date for the Fall Semester by which a grant-in-aid can be approved retroactive to the start of the semester.  The employee is responsible for any late fees.  This date is different for students taking classes at other NSHE campuses. It is the last day a student can drop classes to receive 100% refund for UNR; students should confirm the date on the relevant campus website.*

*The employee is also responsible for gathering the required signatures and submitting the application to the Human Resources Department before or on the deadlines.

*Grant-in-Aid will not cover Excess Credit Fees. An appeal process is available for students and it is outlined in the Course Catalog.

The University of Nevada, Reno provides its staff and faculty access to reduced-rate educational opportunities. The purpose of educational benefits is to provide staff the opportunity for continued professional growth and new or renewed intellectual achievement. This may be accomplished through study leading to completion of a degree, whether associate, undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D., so that career effectiveness may be enhanced, occupational usefulness increased and the University’s personnel skills strengthened. The program requires a commitment from both the employee and the University to be effective.

Grants-in-Aid Forms and Information

*For Faculty completing the GIA Online Application for their dependents above the age of 24 who have served on Active Duty in the USAF, please contact UNR HR for a workaround to the systematic limitation of citing dependents who are only below 24 years of age.
*Students who are Graduate Assistants cannot apply nor receive  Grant-In-Aid, as they are assisted through the Graduate Assistantship waiver.

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