Photo of a westfall scholar and their advisor

Tanner Miller

Department of Mathematics & Statistics Faculty mentor: Josh Williams (Williams not pictured, Miller pictured with Department Chair Tin-Yau Tam)


Post-graduation plans 

I plan to take one University of Nevada, Reno mathematics course as a non-degree student and continue working as a student in the Math Center and Department of Physics during the Spring 2022 semester. During this time, I will apply to the University to pursue a graduate degree in Statistics and Data Science for the Fall 2022 semester. 

The most important piece of advice for an incoming college freshman? 

Reach out to your professors, faculty, and fellow students. Seek help at the various resource centers if needed or to just meet other students at the University. There is an extensive support system within the University that too few students know of and use. The Math Center, the Writing and Speaking Center, the Tutoring Center, and numerous other places all have the common goal of student success. 

In 15 years...

It is hard to say where I will be in 15 years, especially since so many things can change in such a short amount of time. That being said, I know in fifteen years I will be continuing my education in some form, either through private study or with academic and industry colleagues. Additionally, I plan on continuing to work on my hobbies to ensure a well-rounded enjoyment of my time.