ScienceFIT is a five-day, intensive academic program that takes place the week before school starts. It is meant to emulate the rigors of a midterm week during a normal college semester with actual professors and classes, preparing students for the semester ahead. All College of Science freshman are required to participate in ScienceFIT and will be enrolled in the ScienceFIT course SCI 109 (1 credit, S/U) as part of the advanced registration process.

25% higher

The four-year graduation rate of those who participate in ScienceFIT is 25% higher than those who did not participate.

GPA Increase

Students who participated in ScienceFIT have GPAs on average .23 points higher than those who did not participate.


What you will do:

  • Get a jump start on required course content
  • Attend lectures from the faculty who teach required first-year science courses
  • Participate in review sessions, take exams, and exam results discussions
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Learn about available campus resources for success
  • Become familiar with the University campus - where buildings are located, travel time, etc.
  • Become familiar with the University classroom setting
  • Work and study in groups with your peers
  • Interact with faculty from your department, your academic advisors, and Pack Mentors (upperclassmen in your major)
  • Become familiar with using online course components, technology, and resources such as WebCampus

What to bring:

  • Scientific, non-programmable calculator (for example, a TI 30)

What you need to know:

For more information regarding program fees & costs as well as information about meals, lodging, parking, and how to apply, visit the University's NevadaFIT information page.

NevadaFIT Student Information

Funding for the ScienceFIT program is provided by the generous support of Nevada Gold Mines.

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