ScienceFIT is a five-day, intensive academic program that takes place the week before school starts. It is meant to emulate the rigors of a midterm week during a normal college semester with actual professors and classes, preparing students for the semester ahead. All College of Science freshman are required to participate in ScienceFIT, and will be enrolled in the ScienceFIT course SCI 109 (1 credit, S/U) as part of the advanced registration process.

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4 yr graduation rate of those who participate in ScienceFIT: 25% higher

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Average GPA increase for ScienceFIT Students: 0.23 point increase

More about the NevadaFIT Programs

ScienceFIT served as the University's first NevadaFIT program. Learn more about the NevadaFIT programs on the NevadaFIT site.