Be a ScienceFIT Pack Mentor

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Role of a ScienceFIT Pack Mentor

  • Welcome, support, and encourage the members of a "Pack" of ScienceFIT participants - typically 6 participants per Pack
  • Answer Pack member questions about college life inside and outside the classroom
  • Facilitate study sessions and answer content-related questions
  • Train and troubleshoot issues with WebCampus, Mastering, and other technology-related resources
  • Share best practices, advice, and mistakes you have made/learned during college
  • Educate and refer students to relevant campus resources and opportunities to get involved for student success


  • Declared major in the College of Science
  • 2.75 minimum cumulative GPA
  • Successful course completion:
    • If you are a Biology, MMI, or Neuroscience major: CHEM 121 or 201 AND BIOL 190
    • If you are an Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Geological Engineering, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, or Physics major: CHEM 121 or 201 AND PHYS 151 or PHYS 180
    • If you are Math major: (preferred courses) CHEM 121 or 201 or GEOG 121 
    • If you are a Geography major: GEOG 121 and CHEM 121
  • Peer advising, tutoring, or mentoring (preferred qualification)
  • Leadership experience (preferred qualification)


  • Complete the online application for 2018 Pack Mentors by March 16, 2018 (Friday). 
  • ScienceFIT Pack Mentors must be available on August 17 (Friday) for all-day training and program preparation.
  • Questions? Send your email inquiry to

Apply to be a 2018 ScienceFIT Pack Mentor