Faculty Role Statements

Role Statements

University of Nevada, Reno Bylaws Section 3.3.1 state that "each faculty member’s evaluation will be based on written and specific professional responsibilities and performance expectations mutually agreed upon by the individual faculty member and the responsible agent within the department as specified by department bylaws.”  At the university, the distribution of responsibilities in these areas for each faculty member are specified in an individual statement of professional responsibilities, or "role statement.”  Role statements are prepared annually, at the beginning of the calendar year or term of employment.  Faculty workload consists of teaching; scholarly research, creative activity, and/or professional development; and service.  The distribution of responsibilities in a faculty member's role statement may vary from one year to the next.  If it becomes necessary to change the distribution of responsibilities significantly during the calendar year, the faculty member and chair should revise the role statement.


Section 2,660 of the University Administrative Manual contains information on the Board of Regents Faculty Workload policy.  This policy provides guidelines for faculty and for department chairs, deans, and others on the expected teaching load for instructional faculty and appropriate adjustments due to particular faculty member responsibilities.