Academic affairs calendar

August 2021

Academic Affairs: August 2021
Date Activity and details
8/16/2021 Faculty reporting date, Fall Semester
8/16/2021 New Part-time Instructional Faculty Orientation, Posted in Webcampus
8/16/2021 New Academic Faculty Orientation, Posted in Webcampus
8/16/2021 New Department Chairs & Directors Orientation, MSS #216, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
TBD Virtual ACUE Orientation (date/time tbd - first week faculty are back on contract)
8/23/2021 Instruction begins
8/31/2021 Deadline for Special Course Fee and other student fee requests for the 2021-2022 Academic Year and other student fee changes or requests. (Note: Special Course Fees and other student fee changes over $50 to be effective Fall 2022 MUST be submitted by this deadline for committee review and preparation for December Board of Regents Meeting.)

September 2021

Academic Affairs: September 2021
Date Activity and details
09/08/2021 NSHE Academic Affairs Council
09/09/2021-09/10/2021 NSHE Board of Regents, DRI-Las Vegas
09/15/2021 Nominations due for Fall University and Regents Awards: Nevada Regents’ Advisor Award (Undergraduate and Graduate); Nevada Regents’ Teaching Award (Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track): Nevada Regents’ Scholar Award (Undergraduate and Graduate): F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award; Paul and Judy Bible University Teaching Excellence Award
09/17/2021 Sabbatical Leave proposals due from deans’ offices to Provost (Note: Colleges and departments have earlier deadlines in order to meet the provost’s deadline.)

October 2021

Currently no dates to display.

November 2021

Academic Affairs: November 2021
Date Activity and details
11/1/21 Promotion and Tenure application packets for academic faculty due from colleges to Provost’s Office

December 2021

Academic Affairs: December 2021
Date Activity and details
12/1/21 NSHE Academic Affairs Council
12/02/21-12/03/2021 NSHE Board of Regents, UNLV
12/3/21 Academic Faculty Evaluation Workshop, details tbd
12/4/21 Winter Commencement
12/8/21 Prep. Day
12/10/21 Evaluation Workshop for Deans, Chairs and Personnel Committee members, details tbd
12/15/21 Instruction ends
12/20/21 Last faculty reporting day
12/30/21 Promotion & tenure reconsideration materials due to Provost’s office

January 2022

Academic Affairs: January 2022
Date Activity and details
01/11/2022 Faculty reporting date
01/14/2022 Deadline for Special Course Fee and other student fee requests due to the Provost’s office for committee review. (Note: Requests for more than $50 will also require Board of Regents’ approval in December 2022 and will not be effective until Fall 2023.)
01/18/2022 Instruction begins
01/31/2022 Deans’/Direct Reports self-evaluations due to Provost

February 2022

Academic Affairs: February 2022
Date Activity and details
2/04/2022 Promotion and Tenure Mentoring Workshop for Chairs and Deans, Location TBA, 10-11:30 a.m.
2/11/2022 Promotion and Tenure Applications Workshop for Faculty, TBA
2/15/2022 Nominations due for Spring University Awards: Foundation Professor, Thornton Peace Prize, Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award
2/28/2022 Requests for Emeritus appointment (for May Honor the Best) due to Provost’s Office

March 2022

Academic Affairs: March 2022
Date Activity and details
03/02/2022 NSHE Academic Affairs Council
03/03/2022-03/04/2022 NSHE Board of Regents, Nevada State College
03/14/2022-03/18/2022 Spring break

April 2022

Academic Affairs: April 2022
Date Activity and details
04/01/2022 Sabbatical Applications Workshop, AB 108 and Zoom, 10:00-11:30 a.m

May 2022

Academic Affairs: May 2022
Date Activity and details Time
05/04/2022 Prep Day
05/10/2022 Honor the Best
05/11/2022 Instruction Ends
05/12/2022-05/14/2022 Spring Commencement Ceremonies
05/16/2022 Last Faculty Reporting Day
05/31/2022 Third-year probationary review memos due to Provost

June 2022

Academic Affairs: June 2022
Date Activity and details
06/01/2022 Notices of non-reappointment due to Provost for signatures
06/08/2022 NSHE Academic Affairs Council
06/09/2022-06/10/2022 NSHE Board of Regents, University of Nevada, Reno
06/30/2022 Last day for notice of nonreappointment delivery (for faculty employees entitled to 365 calendar days’ notice)