2,580: Emeritus Status

Last Revised: May 2022

Emeritus status is a rank afforded to university faculty members and is attained by a promotion taking place after retirement.  The qualifications for this rank are measured in terms of the individual's total contribution to the University, based upon both achievement and service.  Normally a minimum of ten years service is required prior to conferral of the title of emeritus/emerita. Requests for emeritus status are submitted on the Request for Emeritus Appointment.

Faculty who attain the rank of emeritus faculty are afforded certain privileges as outlined below:

University Directory - Emeritus faculty members may be listed in the University's online directory if they choose. 

University Catalog Listing - Emeritus faculty names and official emeritus titles are listed in the University's catalog.

Email - Emeritus faculty may elect to maintain their university email account.

WolfCard - Emeritus faculty are entitled to receive a faculty identification card (WolfCard), which can be obtained at the WolfCard Office in the Joe Crowley Student Union.  Emeritus faculty with WolfCards are entitled to receive Faculty/Staff admission rates, if applicable, for many university events.

University Libraries -WolfCards are required for all transactions regarding library books and materials. 

Adjunct or Volunteer Status - Emeritus faculty may continue to serve the University in an adjunct or volunteer capacity.

Parking - Emeritus faculty may receive a free green parking permit and the option to purchase a parking permit for a closer zone, pending availability.

Office Space - In rare instances, emeritus faculty may be assigned office space,  if it is available and the emeritus faculty member's formal university activities require office space. See UAM section 5,403.

Grants-in-Aid - Emeritus faculty and professional staff, their spouses and financially dependent children are eligible for grant-in-aid privileges equivalent to those provided in the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 11.

E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center and Lombardi Recreation Center - UNR campus recreation facilities are available to all emeritus faculty and retired NSHE employees.  Passes must be purchased at the front desk in the E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center.

Academic Events and Ceremonies - Emeritus faculty are invited to participate in many academic events and ceremonies.

Business Cards -Emeritus faculty may receive one complimentary box of university business cards. Contact the Office of the Provost for details.

Lowered Flag - The flags may be lowered upon the death of an emeritus faculty member, at the discretion of the president.