University Courses and Curriculum Committee (UCCC)

UCCC Voting Members

Name Division
Vacant School of Social Work
Indira Chatterjee College of Engineering
Jane Detweiler Office of the Provost
Ann Archbold College of Liberal Arts
Stephanie DeBoor Orvis School of Nursing
Scott Bassett College of Science
Eleni Oikonomidoy College of Education
Jeremy Tiedt College of Business
Peter Reed Faculty Senate
Vacant School of Medicine
Kari Barber Reynolds School of Journalism
Claus Tittiger College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources
Sun-Yeon Park School of Public Health
Markus Kemmelmeier Graduate School

Non-voting members and consultants

UCCC Non-Voting Members and Consultants
Name Division
Heather Turk Admissions & Records
Melisa Deadmond Truckee Meadows Community College
Mary Ingram-Waters Honors College
Chelsie Hamtak Western Nevada College
Molly Beisler Libraries
Sherrie Marlow Office of the Provost
David Shintani Office of the Provost
Dawna Snyder Extended Studies