Core Curriculum board and committees

Core curriculum board for 2023-2024

Core Curriculum Board Chair
Name Position Unit
Jane Detweiler Chair Core Curriculum Director

Voting members

Core Curriculum Board voting members
Name Unit
Todd Ruecker Core Writing
Ann Archbold College of Liberal Arts
Nora Constantino School of Public Health
Jeremy Tiedt College of Business
Cynthia Mastick College of Science
Gi Woong Yun Reynolds School of Journalism
Jeff Mortensen Core Mathematics
Vacant School of Medicine
Eleni Oikonomidoy College of Education
Daniel Morse Core Humanities
Candice Bauer College of Engineering
Claus Tittiger College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources
Boris Carpio Guerra ASUN Presidential Representative
Lisa Sikes Orvis School of Nursing
Vacant School of Social Work

Non-voting Ex Officio members

Core Curriculum Board non-voting members
Name Role
David Shintani Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Jane Detweiler Assistant Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment
Emilly Borthwick-Wong Academic Advising
Rebecca Bryant Admissions & Records
Katy Schleef Curriculum Specialist
Jordyn Green Assessment Specialist
Sherrie Marlow Core Administrative Assistant
Mary Ingram-Waters Honors College

Non-voting liaisons

Core Curriculum Board non-voting liaisons
Name Unit
Melissa Deadmond Truckee Meadows Community College
Amy Ghileri Western Nevada Community College

Core committees