Sabbatical and professional development leave

Sabbatical leave and procedures

Get more information about sabbatical leave and procedures as outlined in the University Administrative Manual.

Sabbatical application instruction and guidelines

Use the following instructions and tips to help guide your sabbatical proposal development.

Download sabbatical leave application instructions (.docx)

Chair/Dean application checklist and letter of support form

Use the following checklist to make sure you have gathered and prepared all of the required information and materials to submit your sabbatical application.

Download Sabbatical Chair/Supervisor letter of support form (.docx)

Sabbatical application

Only applications that are approved at the department and/or college/school levels will be forwarded to the University Professional Development Leave Committee, which will evaluate the proposals using the criteria specified on the application form. The committee’s recommendations, in a rank-ordered list, will be submitted to the Executive Vice President and Provost for final decision on leave applications.