Telephone, Mail Box, etc

Campus Telephone Service

All campus telephone numbers begin with the prefix 784 or 682. When making a phone call from a campus phone to another campus office, you only dial the last five numbers (i.e., the OISS is (775) 784-6874, so you should dial 4-6874). In addition, when calling off campus from a campus phone, you must dial 9 first, wait for a dial tone, then call the number.

Home Telephone Service

Whether you live on campus or off, if you'd like telephone service you must contact AT&T by dialing 333-4811 or going to 1450 Vassar St. Installation fees are about $100, and they also request a minimum deposit. There are numerous options available for local services, as well as special features like call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, etc. The monthly charges vary depending upon the nature and extent of the services you request. You will need to purchase your own phone, which is available in nearly every department store, including Target, K-mart, Walmart, etc.

For overseas and long-distance calls which are outside the area served by the local telephone company, you have to use a primary long distance telephone company. The quality and cost of services differ from company to company and depend on the time and length of the call. Some companies may provide special calling plans for overseas calls. You are strongly advised to contact the companies and obtain more details. You might consider asking your friends for advice about which company to choose. If a particular company offers any special deals, you should obtain the offer in writing before a choice is made. In the Reno area, there are over several long distance companies from which to choose, but the largest are as follows:

  • AT&T
  • MCI/Worldcom
  • U.S. Sprint

Most parts of the USA and Canada can be called by dialing direct (1-area code-phone number). For overseas calls, dial 011-country code-city code-phone number. These codes can be obtained from the local telephone book. Please be aware that placing a call through the operator requires an additional charge.

It is wise to obtain a calling card for times when you may need to make a long distance call while traveling. We recommend buying calling cards to call home as these are the most economical. You can buy such cards online or at local international grocery stores. It is also possible to make a collect call, where the person being called will pay for the charges. This happens to be the most costly, however.

Numbers to Know:

  • AT&T 333-4811
  • Emergencies 911
  • Directory Information l-(area code) 555-1212 (for the entire United States)

Facsimile Transmission (FAX)

FAX machines are available for personal use for a fee at various locations in the city and on the university campus. Check "Facsimile Transmission Service" in the yellow pages of the telephone directory for businesses providing this service.

Postal Service

The United States Postal Service provides services similar to most other postal services around the world. Personal mail cannot be delivered to you through campus departments or in the residence halls. You may rent a U.S. Post Office box at the University Station, a full-service post office located the north end of campus. The rental rate is approximately $52 for six months for a size extra small box. All sizes and prices can be viewed on the United States Postal Service website.