B-1 temporary business visitor

B-1 business visa classification is used by international visitors traveling to the United States for short visits to attend conferences, seminars, interviews or meetings. It can also be used to conduct short-term independent research that does not benefit the University of Nevada, Reno or rely heavily on the University's resources.

B-1 business visa overview

B-1 visitors are not eligible for employment in the United States and cannot apply for Social Security card. They may receive reimbursement for travel and per diem expenses as well as an honorarium for services not exceeding nine days per institution (up to 5 institutions per 6 month period is allowed).

Visitors from visa waiver countries are eligible for the WB status and can enter U.S. without a visa stamp for a period up to 90 days.

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Requesting B-1 business visa

A prospective B-1 business visitor should request an invitation letter from the academic department and apply for B-1 visa at a U.S. consulate abroad. WB visitor applies for WB status at the port of entry, after securing prior travel authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Application (ESTA). A proof of finances along with the department invitation letter, are required at the time of visa/status application from B-1 and WB visitors.

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