International student enrollment checklist

International students may enroll in classes before they arrive and report to the University. Class registration and tuition payment can be completed on MyNEVADA. To register for classes on MyNEVADA, all the holds on your MyNEVADA account must be removed.

The holds to be removed include the following:

  • Admissions. Hold on enrollment from the Office of International Students and Scholars
  • Enrollment. Hold for immunization documentation
  • Advising. Hold for advising documentation

Check your MyNEVADA account to ensure all holds have been lifted.

  • Activate your NetID

    To access your MyNEVADA account you will need to create a user profile using your NSHE ID and your application number, found on your letter of admission. If you have problems accessing your account you may call the Computing Helpdesk at (775) 682-5000 for assistance.

    More information about NetIDs

  • Accept your admission in MyNEVADA

    If you haven't already done so, please log in to your student account to Accept your Admissions in MyNEVADA. Accepting admission is a non-binding decision that allows the applicant to move forward in all new student processes, such as advanced registration.

  • Complete enrollment and immunization paperwork

    In order to enroll in classes before your arrival to the University of Nevada, Reno you will need to complete the following:

    1. Advising form
    2. Immunization & Physical Evaluation Clearance Form
    3. Mandatory Pre-Enrollment Training
    4. English Bridge Test (given upon arrival)
    5. Complete OISS check-in
  • Check-in with the Office of International Students and Scholars and submit paperwork

    Check in with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) and submit the following documentation:

    • Current passport
    • Visa
    • Form I-94
    • Form I-20/DS-2019

    Learn more about your check-in meeting

  • Remove any admission enrollment holds

    A hold on your enrollment will be in place until you submit the required documents, testing and training. Once you have completed the steps listed above, the Office of International Students and Scholars hold on your enrollment will be temporarily removed until your arrival to allow you to register for classes early.

    How to permanently remove enrollment holds

    If you have not permanently removed the admissions enrollment hold from the Office of International Students and Scholars from your MyNEVADA account, complete the following:

    1. Submit TB blood test
    2. Take the Bridge English Placement Test at the Intensive English Language Center (IELC) if you are not eligible for a waiver