Academic training

Academic training (AT) is an off-campus employment authorization in the field of study available to J1 students. AT for non-degree, undergraduate, and pre-doctoral students may be up to 18 months or the period of the full course of study, whichever is less, inclusive of all prior academic training done at that or lower levels of study. AT for post-doctoral (received a doctorate degree) training may be up to 36 months inclusive of all prior academic training done at that or lower levels of study. The length of employment may not exceed the period of study in J-1 status. AT may be undertaken during the course of study or after its completion. 2 2 CFR. 62.23(f).

How to apply for academic training

Complete the following steps to apply for academic training as a J-1 student:

1. Submit employer letter. Secure a signed and dated offer letter from your employer on company letterhead that clearly states the following:

  • Position title, responsibilities and compensation (if any)
  • Start and end dates of employment and number of hours per week
  • Name of the supervisor and their contact information
  • Address and location of employer

2. Academic advisor approval. Obtain an approval recommendation form from your academic advisor.

3. Register for classes. Register for classes (pre-completion academic training only; optional in summer term).

4. Provide proof of insurance. Submit proof of insurance during post-completion academic training. University insurance will cover you for the period you paid during your last semester.

5. Schedule OISS appointment. Schedule an appointment with OISS and bring documents listed above.

You will be authorized for academic training in SEVIS when everything is in order. You will receive a new DS-2019 showing academic training notification that should be given to the employer. Please do not start working until you obtain the new DS-2019 with the academic training authorization and the start date is effective.