GSA Programs

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers a variety of programs which can benefit the family of graduate students. While their primary focus is on providing services to graduate students, international scholars are invited to participate in the Household Items Program.

GSA programs of interest to families are following:

  • Household Items Program: t his program collects and redistributes various household items (furniture, pots etc.) for graduate students. The association has a storage shed just north of campus and will pick up and deliver items if needed.
  • International Students Transitional Loan Program: this program allows new international students with graduate assistantships to receive a loan for $500 to help them get started here in Reno . The loan is repaid through payroll deductions.
  • Child Care Scholarship
  • Medical Hardship Scholarship
  • Crisis Grant
  • Computer Loan Program: this program provides a 12-month interest free loan to graduate students up to $1500, to purchase a computer at the Computer Den in the Bookstore.

GSA also collects and distributes information about family housing available near UNR. The university has limited family housing and there is generally a waiting list for this housing. GSA is always willing to help and advise on housing issues.

For more information about a specific program please check GSA website, or contact them directly at (775) 784-4629; e-mail