College of Science Advisory Council

The College of Science is served by an advisory council of college alumni and friends with expertise in varied fields in academia, industry and public service. Its members provide valuable ideas, insights and advice to enhance the relationship between the College of Science and its constituent communities, to assist in providing quality programs for its students, and to advance the College's goals and overall strategic vision.

Current Members

  • Ronald Bath
  • April Carman
  • Ann Carpenter
  • Susan Clemons
  • Robert Daugherty
  • Chris Deeney
  • Ryan Dotson
  • Bill Gerthoffer
  • Stephanie Hansen
  • Sean Hill
  • Mick Hitchcock
  • Bill Honjas
  • Keith Lee
  • Patrick Lowery
  • Hawley MacLean
  • Jeff Parshley
  • Christina Satterwhite
  • Paul Shonnard
  • Rebecca Walker Comba
  • David P. Westfall
  • David White

Ex Officio Members

  • Leigh Fitzpatrick
  • Donna Knotek
  • Katherine McCall

Emeritus Council Members

  • Gayle Block
  • John Burrows
  • Ralph Courtnay
  • Richard DeLong
  • Stephen Durham
  • Edward Epperson
  • John Gibson
  • Charles Liotta
  • Gene McClelland
  • Ardythe McCracken
  • Bob Mead
  • Jim Megquier
  • Sandra Miller
  • Robert Stachlewitz
  • Jeffrey Thompson
  • John Trijonis