Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award

One Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award is given each year to a University of Nevada, Reno graduating undergraduate or graduate student with a record of outstanding community service work. The award winner will be honored at the Honor the Best Ceremony in May.

Eligibility and nominations

To be eligible, you must be a graduating undergraduate or graduate student with a record of outstanding community service work, not for academic credit, during your years as a college student.

Nominations are solicited in early spring each year from University of Nevada, Reno faculty and staff. The nomination package should include a formal nomination letter, a CV, and three support letters, at least one from a University of Nevada, Reno faculty member. A selection committee containing representatives from the provost's office, student services and faculty members will meet to review and discuss the nominees and arrive at a winner.

2024 award nominations will be accepted beginning in January. The deadline for nominations will be Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 5 p.m. Late nominations will not be considered.

Nominations should be submitted to Karen Gotchy.

Karen Gotchy, Administrative Assistant 4
Phone: (775) 682-5030

Previous Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award recipients

Year and Name of Cavanaugh Volunteer Award Recipient
Year Recipient
2023 Tamara Telles
2022 Rachael Roach
2021 Blaize Abuntori
2020 Jamie Poston
2019 Ryan Baldwin
2018 Tyra Eggert
2017 Charles Jose
2016 Julia Shelbourn
2015 Jahahi Mazariego
2014 Danielle Swanson
2013 Lianne Barnes
2012 Christopher John McDonnell
2011 Brady Lubelt
2010 Amber Burroughs
2009 Windi Goodman
2008 Courtney Bell
2007 Patricia Piedad Segura
2006 Carly Sweder
2005 Ashley Elizabeth Connors
2004 Vania C. Carter
2003 Amy Bliss
2002 Eun Joo Kim
2001 Kendall R. Stagg
2000 Gail Sullivan
1999 Denise Abbey
1998 Deanna Hobbs
1997 Sandi Archibald
1996 Melanie Williams