Regents' Academic Advisor Award

Two recipients are selected annually for the University Academic Advisor Award in the categories of undergraduate advisement and graduate advisement. Recipients of the University of Nevada, Reno award receive $1,000 and are recognized at the annual Honor the Best Ceremony in May. These winners are also forwarded for consideration for the Regent's Academic Advisor Awards which is $5,000 each for a Regent's Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award and the Regent's Graduate Advisor Award.

Eligibility and nominations

Full-time faculty and professional staff who provide academic advising as part of their regular or primary assignment are eligible for this award. Although these awards are intended for individuals, groups who have made outstanding contributions in academic advising may be recognized as well. Candidates must have at least five years of cumulative services in the NSHE by the date of nomination in order to be considered for the award.

Nominations are requested in the early fall and can be made by any member of the university community. To nominate send a formal letter of nomination through the candidate’s dean addressing how the candidate has accomplished a significant record of excellence in advising. Any employee or student of the university may submit one name in nomination for this award. Nominees are asked to submit materials, including a CV, evidence of effective advising materials developed, a statement of advising philosophy, and support letters.

Previous University and Regents' Academic Advisor winners

List of winners
Year Name Role
2019 Mark Nichols Graduate Advisor
2019 Ivy Chin Undergraduate Advisor
2018 Natalia Rudi Undergraduate Advisor
2017 Pamela Sandstrom Undergraduate Advisor
2017 James Sedinger Graduate Advisor
2016 Nancy Markee Undergraduate Advisor
2016 Julie Stoughton Undergraduate Advisor
2016 Tamara Scronce Graduate Advisor
2015 Erin Stiles Undergraduate Advisor
2015 Jane Detweiler Graduate Advisor
2014 Kathy Leonard Undergraduate Advisor
2014 Cheryll Glotfelty Graduate Advisor
2013 Elena Pravosudova Undergraduate Advisor
2013 Robert Ostergard Graduate Advisor
2012 Cynthia Birk Undergraduate Advisor
2012 Robert Ostergard Graduate Advisor
2011 Jennifer O'Neill Undergraduate Advisor
2011 Thomas Harrison Graduate Advisor
2010 David Fenimore Undergraduate Advisor
2010 Jamie Anderson Graduate Advisor
2009 Elliot Parker Undergraduate Advisor
2009 Kambiz Raffiee Graduate Advisor
2008 Lorena Beck Undergraduate Advisor
2008 C. Richard Tracy Graduate Advisor
2007 Sean Casey Undergraduate Advisor
2007 Mary Ann Demchak Graduate Advisor
2006 Krist Van Gorder Undergraduate Advisor
2005 Christie Howard Undergraduate Advisor
2005 Eileen Hickey Undergraduate Advisor
2005 Scott Slovic Graduate Advisor
2004 V. Dean Adams Undergraduate Advisor
2004 Scott Tyler Graduate Advisor
2003 Nancy Markee Undergraduate Advisor
2003 Deborah Kuhls Graduate Advisor
2002 Debra Holman Undergraduate Advisor
2002 Lynda Wiest Graduate Advisor
2001 Chris Cheney Undergraduate Advisor
2001 Joe Cline Graduate Advisor
2000 Chris Exline Undergraduate Advisor
2000 Mary Maples Graduate Advisor
1999 Rena Armstrong Undergraduate Advisor
1999 Martha Combs Graduate Advisor
1998 Gary Vinyard Undergraduate Advisor (Posthumous)