Foundation Professor Award

Recipients are selected annually for the Foundation Professor award. The award is an annual stipend of $7,500 for a three-year period to be used for professional endeavors and recognition at the annual Foundation Professor Award Reception, Honor the Best and Foundation Banquet. In addition, each winner's name is inscribed on an engraved pillar with prior years' winners in the University's Honor Court.

Eligibility and nominations

Nominees must hold a tenured position at the University of Nevada, Reno with the rank of Professor. Criteria include the following:

  • A record of excellence in their discipline as a teacher and scholar
  • National prominence in their field
  • A demonstrated record of service to the university
  • A record of sustained achievement which gives full promise of continued achievement during the years of the award

Nominations are solicited from deans in the spring of each year. Nomination materials include a letter of nomination, CV, and two external letters of support. A committee consisting of representatives from the Foundation, Office of the Provost, Office of Research and Innovation and prior winners meets to review the nominations and determine three winners.

Previous Foundation Professors

Winners by year and area
Year Name Area
2024 Sudeep Chandra Biology
2024 Normand Leblanc Pharmacology
2024 Karla Wagner School of Public Health
2023 Violeta Mutagova-Yambolieva Physiology and Cell Biology
2023 Christopher Herald Mathematics and Statistics
2023 Marta Elliott Sociology
2022 Deborah Boehm Anthropology and Gender, Race, and Identity
2022 Ana de Bettencourt-Dias Chemistry
2022 Fred Harris Computer Science and Engineering
2021 Markus Kemmelmeier Sociology
2021 Elizabeth Leger Biology
2021 Krishna Pagilla Civil & Environmental Engineering
2020 Greta de Jong History
2020 Matthew Forister Biology
2020 Wei Yang Community Health Sciences
2019 Marjorie Matocq Natural Resources and Environmental Science
2019 Vladimir Pravosudov Biology
2019 Monica Miller Criminal Justice
2018 George Bebis Computer Science & Engineering
2018 Michael Branch English
2018 Wendy Calvin Geological Sciences & Engineering
2018 Peter Weisberg Natural Resources & Environmental Science
2017 Jeffrey Harper Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2017 Ahmad Itani Civil & Environmental Engineering
2017 Scott Mensing Geography
2016 Miles Greiner Mechanical Engineering
2016 G. Richard Scott Anthropology
2016 Wei Yan Physiology & Cell Biology
2015 Indira Chatterjee Electrical & Biomedical Engineering
2015 James Kenyon Physiology & Cell Biology
2015 Mark Nichols Economics
2014 Lee Dyer Biology
2014 David Sanders Civil & Environmental Engineering
2014 James Sedinger Natural Resources & Environmental Science
2013 Ian Buxton Pharmacology
2013 Dhanesh Chandra Chemical & Materials Engineering
2013 Eric Rasmussen English
2012 John Fildes Surgery
2012 Gary Haynes Anthropology
2012 Scott Tyler Geological Sciences
2011 John Cushman Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2011 Kathleen Keef Physiology & Cell Biology
2011 Kwang Jin Kim Mechanical Engineering
2010 Scott Casper History
2010 Richard Schultz Geological Sciences
2010 Yvonne Stedham Managerial Sciences
2009 Ian Buckle Civil & Environmental Engineering
2009 Kent Ervin Chemistry
2009 Mae Gustin Natural Resources & Environmental Science
2008 Diane Barone Educational Specialties
2008 Victoria Follette Psychology
2008 Steve Wesnousky Geological Sciences
2007 Dale Rogers Managerial Sciences
2007 Paul Starrs Geography
2007 William A. Zamboni Surgery
2006 Sean Ward Physiology & Cell Biology
2006 Michael Webster Psychology
2006 Esmail Zanjani Animal Biotechnology
2005 Eva Essa Human Development & Family Studies
2005 E. Manos Maragakis Civil & Environmental Engineering
2004 William T. Gerthoffer Pharmacology
2004 Ronald A. Phaneuf Physics
2003 Cleborne Maddux Counseling & Educational Psychology
2003 Emma Sepulveda Pulvirenti Foreign Languages & literatures
2002 Chaitan Gupta Mathematics
2002 Ardythe McCracken Biology
2002 Richard Wirtz Mechanical Engineering
2001 Kambiz Raffiee Economics
2001 Ann Ronald English
2001 Marilyn Smith Cooperative Extension
2000 Stephen St. Jeor Microbiology
2000 Faramarz Gordaninejad Mechanical Engineering
2000 Robert Sheridan Chemistry
1999 Richard Davies History
1999 Joseph Hume Physiology & Cell Biology
1999 John Lenz Music
1998 Glendel Atkinson Economics
1998 Manoranjan Misra Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering
1998 Stephen Tchudi English
1997 Bruce Blackadar Mathematics
1997 Thomas Harris Applied Economics & Statistics
1997 Mehdi Saiidi Civil Engineering
1996 Maurice Fuerstenau Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering
1996 Peter Goin Art
1996 Leonard Weinberg Political Science
1995 Berch Berberoglu Sociology
1995 James N. Brune Seismological Laboratory
1995 Stephen McFarlane Speech Pathology & Audiology
1994 Donald L. Hardesty Anthropology
1994 John H. Nelson Chemistry
1994 Richard A. Schweickert Geological Sciences
1993 Bruce Moran History
1993 Kenton Sanders Physiology
1993 David Schooley Biochemistry
1992 Philip Altick Physics
1992 Joel Berger Range, Wildlife & Forestry
1992 Steven Hayes Psychology
1991 Catherine Fowler Anthropology
1991 Robert Merrill English
1991 Glenn Miller Biochemistry
1990 Richard Burkhart Chemistry
1990 William Eadington Economics
1990 Rodney Harrington Biochemistry
1989 Morris Brownell English
1989 John Peacock Physiology
1989 James Richardson Sociology
1988 Donald D. Fowler Anthropology & Historic Preservation
1988 R. Allen Gardner Psychology
1988 Ross W. Smith Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering
1987 David Lightner Chemistry
1987 William Templeton Curriculum & Instruction
1987 David P. Westfall Pharmacology
1986 Thomas F. Cargill Economics
1986 Thomas J. Nickles Philosophy
1986 Baldev K. Vig Biology
1985 Gary J. Blomquist Biochemistry
1985 Beatrix T. Gardner Psychology
1985 Lawrence Scott Chemistry
1984 Bruce M. Douglas Civil Engineering
1984 Thomas R. Kozel Microbiology
1984 Hyung K. Shin Chemistry