F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award

Two recipients are selected annually for the F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award. The $5,000 award is given to recognize and celebrate outstanding teaching by University of Nevada, Reno faculty members. Surprise announcements and award check presentations are made to faculty winners during a regularly scheduled class of the faculty member in late March or early April if at all possible. Recipients also receive a plaque and recognition at the annual Honor the Best Ceremony in May. In addition, each winner's name is inscribed on an engraved pillar with prior years' winners in the University's Honor Court.

Eligibility and nominations

Nominees must be full-time faculty members who have served at the university for at least five years who have not previously received this award. Nominees must also be an academic faculty member with regular teaching duties in the spring semester of the year of nomination.

Nominations are solicited from deans early in the fall semester each year. Supporting materials are submitted by the nominee to the Distinguished Teacher Committee. Committee members visit each nominee's classroom while class is in session.

Previous F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award recipients

Recipients by year and program
Year Name Program
2023 Nora Constantino School of Public Health
2023 Christopher Church History
2022 Lyndsay Munro Chemistry
2022 Angelina Padilla Mechanical Engineering
2021 Robert Ives Education Preparation
2021 Matthew Leone Criminal Justice
2020 Amy Fitch Community Health Sciences
2020 Elena Pravosudova Biology
2019 Geoffrey Smith Anthropology
2019 Ann-Marie Vollstedt Engineering
2018 Shannon Richard Nursing
2018 Dianna Townsend Education
2017 Patricia Ellison Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2017 Tamara Scronce Art
2016 Sarah Cummings Chemistry
2016 Donald Hardy English
2015 Linda Curcio History
2015 Lynda Wiest Education
2014 Candice Bauer Engineering
2014 Dana Edberg Accounting & Information Systems
2013 Kristen Clements-Nolle School of Community Health Sciences
2012 Susan Ervin Orvis School of Nursing
2011 Sergiu Dascalu Computer Science & Engineering
2010 Eric Rasmussen English
2009 David Ake Music and Dance
2008 Steven G. Wesnousky Geological Sciences & Engineering
2007 Jennifer Hill English
2006 Scott Mensing Geography
2005 Frederick Harris Computer Science & Engineering
2004 Michael P. Branch English
2003 Eric L. Wang Mechanical Engineering
2002 Christine O. Cheney Curriculum & Instruction
2001 Paul F. Starrs Geography
2000 Cheryll A. Glotfelty English
1999 Hugh L. Shapiro History
1998 Dale W. Holcombe Veterinary Medicine
1997 Gary Norris Civil Engineering
1996 John H. Frederick Chemistry
1995 Indira Chatterjee Electrical Engineering
1995 Gailmarie Pahmeier-Henry English
1994 Gary Hausladen Geography
1993 James Carr Geological Sciences
1992 Anne Howard English
1992 Margaret McIntosh Curriculum & Instruction
1991 Phillip Boardman English
1991 Harold LeMay Chemistry
1990 Carol Olmstead Mathematics
1989 James McCormick Art
1988 Christopher Exline Geography
1988 David Hettich English
1987 Dana Davis Curriculum & Instruction
1986 David Ehrke Music
1985 Edward Zane Accounting & Computer Information Systems
1984 Billy "B.J." Fuller Accounting & Computer Information Systems
1983 Donald Pfaff Mathematics
1982 Donald W. Winne Managerial Sciences
1981 Kenneth C. Kemp Chemistry
1980 Fred "Fritz" A. Ryser Biology
1979 Richard A. Curry Foreign Languages & Literatures
1978 Larry J. Larsen Economics
1977 Alan Gubanich Biology
1976 Elwood Miller Agriculture
1975 Roselia Linskie Curriculum & Instruction
1974 Richard Burkhart Chemistry
1973 F. Donald Tibbitts Biology