Robert E. Dickenson Scholarship program

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the Robert E. Dickenson Scholarship program, providing scholarships for incoming and continuing masters and doctoral students. 

About Robert E. Dickenson

The late Robert E. Dickenson, a rancher, and entrepreneur, desired to provide financial assistance to help students successfully pursue an undergraduate degree as a junior or senior, or to successfully pursue a post-graduate degree, primarily through (but not necessarily limited to) agriculture science. In that regard, the Donor is particularly interested in providing financial assistance to those pursuing a degree, or an advanced degree, in connection with the following: livestock use and management in ranching operations; farming; forest and rangeland management; mining; natural resource management; and disciplines which develop the skill and knowledge necessary for, or which help facilitate, conducting the business of ranching and/or farming and for properly managing forests and rangelands.

Scholarship details

Robert E. Dickenson Scholarship Funds available for 2021-22 Academic Year: $83,100

Scholarship amounts can vary between $3,000 and 10,000 per student per year and awarded amounts will depend on the number, quality, and financial need of the nominees. Nominees must be US citizens with demonstrated financial need, so this program provides an excellent opportunity to support the education of graduate students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • US Citizen
  • Graduate student
  • Graduate degree programs, in order of preference, are in the following areas:
    • Agricultural Science
    • Environmental Science, Forestry Management & Ecology
    • Rangeland Ecology & Management
    • Hydrogeology, Geo-Engineering
    • Other areas consistent with the donor's desire to foster productive, responsible, and economical livestock and land management (examples may include: Geological Sciences, Business Administration, Medicine, Health Sciences, Education)
  • Financial need – will require FAFSA
  • Minimum 3.0 UNR GPA if continuing student
  • New graduate students must be regularly admissible, i.e.,
    • New master’s students: 2.75 UGRD GPA, 3.0 GRAD GPA if student has any graduate coursework
    • New PhD students: 3.0 UGRD GPA, 3.0 GRAD GPA if student has any graduate coursework
  • Minimum 9 credits per semester (6 credits if on a teaching or research assistantship)
  • Make satisfactory academic progress
  • Non-renewing scholarship


Nominations for these scholarships must be submitted to the Graduate School by the graduate student’s graduate program director.

The nomination requires a statement of support (800 words or less) from the graduate program director that includes an explanation of how the student's current or future work fosters productive, responsible, and economical livestock and/or land.

Graduate program directors: The deadline for submission is Monday, September 20, 2021. 

Submit a nomination