GRAD 704 - Teaching with Technology

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL), in collaboration with the Graduate school, offers this course in the spring semester as a two-credit course, open to all graduate students and postdocs interested in improving skills in teaching with technology.

Course overview

The course focuses on the effective integration of technology in teaching, through discussion of research, current practice, and the application of methods and tools in teaching. The course introduces basics of course design, pedagogy, and the effective integration of technology in teaching and learning. Students will familiarize themselves with and assess various educational technology and tools as they apply foundational principles and theories to their own teaching. Technologies discussed may include, but are not limited to: WebCampus tools, presentation tools, student engagement and assessment tools, video tools, and website tools.

The course is hybrid by design and combines work completed online with regular in person meetings. The course culminates in the creation of an ePortfolio on teaching with technology and a presentation of the ePortfolio at the end-of-semester showcase. The ePortfolio is intended to augment the student’s professional development and job search. Students who complete all requirements will earn a Satisfactory grade in the two-credit graduate-level course.

Course topics

The course will introduce these topics:

  • Inclusive course design and technology
  • Digital standards and teaching modalities
  • Engaging students online and in the classroom
  • Student interaction and collaboration
  • Effective instructional materials and technology
  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Deepening learning with digital reflections and projects
  • Feedback and rubrics

Graduate students, postdocs, and LOAs interested in enhancing skills in teaching with technology are encouraged to enroll in MyNevada when registration is available.

For more information, please contact Wenzhen Li at