How to apply to graduate school

Our admissions specialists have created an admissions road map to make your application process as simple as possible. Please read through all four sections before starting your application.

If you are applying as a Graduate Special (non-degree seeking) classification, please read the Graduate Special requirements or complete a Graduate Special application.


Before you apply:

  1. Spend time reviewing the degree and program requirements of your desired program.
  2. Note your program-specific deadline for application.
  3. Review the Graduate School's general requirements for admission for domestic or international students.
  4. Gather versions of your transcripts, test scores, and resume or CV that can be uploaded online. (At this time, you may use unofficial copies, however, official copies will be required for formal review.)
  5. International students should also gather uploadable versions of their TOEFL or IELTS scores and their Degree Certificate.
  6. We strongly recommended reviewing the  degree and department pages in your desired program and reaching out to introduce yourself to program faculty.
  7. Provide notice to your recommenders prior to completing your application.

Submitting your application  

  1. Go to the application portal, create an account and complete all forms.
  2. Due to strong spam filters, we recommend that you do not use a work email address as your contact email.
  3. Upload and attach all required documents.
  4. Once you have submitted names and emails for recommendations, recommendation requests are automatically generated.
    Do not wait for recommendations to be returned. Continue with the application process in order to meet your deadline.
  5. Complete a Paypal payment for application: $60 domestic and $95 international. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  6. Once your application and payment have been submitted, you cannot add documents.

International students should read the international requirements FAQ.

School code for TOEFL and GRE: 4844

Official transcripts and unofficial transcripts

Official transcripts are transcripts received directly by our office from all previously attended institutions. Official transcripts are required if the application is recommended for admission by the program. Official transcripts are not required for the review of the application. 

Unofficial transcripts may be submitted with the application and used for the review process.

Please note: The action items on the application checklist will remain unfulfilled until official transcripts are received.

Submitting transcripts

You have two options for sending in your official transcripts: electronic submission or physical mail. If you have previously attended the University of Nevada, Reno, you do not need to request official transcripts.

Electronic submission

The Graduate School can accept electronic transcripts only when sent from the institution through a third-party clearinghouse. The address to use is

Physical copy via mail

Graduate School Admissions Office
C/O University of Nevada, Reno
Mail Stop 0326
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89557

After submitting your application

  1. Application packages from eligible students will be sent electronically to the program or department once all materials have arrived.
  2. Please email any documents that you failed to upload with your application to the  Graduate School office at
  3. The program or department reviews students' applications and makes their recommendations to the Graduate School.
  4. You will receive an email notifying you that a decision is ready.
  5. You may log into your account to view your decision status.
  6. The Graduate School processes applications by the degree program's deadline.
  7. Log into your account to review the acceptance checklist. If you have not already arranged for submission of official copies of transcripts, test scores and degree certificates, you will need to make these arrangements as rapidly as possible.

Receiving your program decision

  1. Once you receive notification that a decision is ready, you can accept program admission within the application portal. When viewing the decision letter, select the green box to accept or decline your admission.
  2. Official communication to admit or deny an applicant will come from the Graduate School via the postal service.
  3. If you submitted your application with unofficial documents, you may receive an email stating the department has recommended you for admission, however the admission cannot be processed until the Graduate School receives all official documents.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, the Graduate School admission staff are happy to help you. Call (775) 784-6869 or email to contact an admission specialist.