Graduate admission requirements for international students

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    Who qualifies as an international applicant?

    An international applicant is a person who is not a U.S. citizen nor holds a permanent residency visa. Any student who would need the University to issue a student visa is considered an international applicant. To read additional information about what types of visas may be considered for domestic status, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars

    What are the application requirements?

    Below are the requirements for international applicants:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
    2. Eligibility for admission with a 3-year bachelor's degree are determined on a case by case basis
    3. Minimum undergraduate grade point average (on a 4.0 scale):
      1. 2.75 for a master’s degree
      2. 3.0 for a doctoral degree
    4. Online application
    5. Official transcripts (statement of marks) from every institution attended for a complete history of your education. Certified English translations of all transcripts must be submitted. Transcripts must be requested from the issuing institution, in the country of origin, in a sealed envelope by the graduating institution. This is important – applicants cannot be responsible for sealing the envelopes themselves. An official English translation should be included. Read the international FAQ to help you get your transcripts to the University of Nevada, Reno on time.
    6. Official GRE or GMAT test scores from an exam taken within the past 5 years (exam requirement and recommended scores are determined by individual programs)
    7. Official TOEFL, IELTSDuolingoPearson or Cambridge English exam scores if your educational history is from a non-English speaking country.*  
      Minimum score requirements. (Please note: Your program may require higher scores than the Graduate School minimums.)
      1. TOEFL: 550 (paper) or 79 (internet)
      2. IELTS: 6.5 (academic version)
      3. Duolingo: 105
      4. Pearson (PTE): 59
      5. Cambridge: 176
    8. Your resume or curriculum vitae
    9. Statement of purpose
    10. Three letters of recommendation (Your recommenders will be notified by email after you complete your online application.)

    After your admittance, the Office of International Students & Scholars will require information on your financial data and visa before you can register for classes, so get started early!

    What English language test scores are required?

    Official TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, Pearson or Cambridge test scores will be required unless you are a U.S. citizen or have earned a degree in one of the following English-speaking countries exempt from testing:

    • Antigua
    • Australia
    • Bahamas, The
    • Barbados
    • Belize
    • British Guyana
    • Canada (except for Quebec)
    • Dominica

    • Ghana
    • Grenada
    • Ireland
    • Jamaica
    • Kenya
    • Liberia
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • St. Kitts and Nevis

    • St. Lucia
    • St. Vincent
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Uganda
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Virgin Islands (British, U.S.)
    • U.S. Territories

    English language test or GRE scores can be submitted to the Graduate School using school institution code 4844.

    University-wide minimum English-language test scores*

    *Some programs require higher scores. Check with your program director or potential adviser.

    Additional frequently asked questions

    • Does my three-year bachelor's degree qualify for admission?

      Does my three-year bachelor's degree qualify for admission?

      Eligibility for admission of students applying with a three-year bachelor's degree is determined on a case-by-case basis. Transcripts (statement of marks) will need to be provided to determine eligibility for admission along with the application.

    • Do I need official transcripts?

      Do I need official transcripts?

      Yes, you will need to submit official transcripts before an offer of admission can be made. The process of requesting official transcripts that can be accepted by the Graduate School is very specific. Failure to comply with the requirements below will result in a delay in processing your application and could result in missing program deadlines.

      • Transcripts must be requested from the graduating institution, mailed from the country of origin, in a marked (stamped and sealed) enclosed envelope.
      • Applicants cannot seal transcript envelopes themselves. If transcripts are issued in the country's original language, English translations must be provided.
      • Credential evaluations by outside sources are only acceptable if the student formally submits a request to the outside source to forward a copy of the transcript(s) along with the credential evaluation to the Graduate School. The Graduate School currently accepts outside evaluations from  World Education Services, Josef Silny & Associates and  Educational Credential Evaluators. For more information on this issue, please contact our admissions staff.
      • If the international student is currently in their home country, they may pick up the transcript from the institution and take it directly to a mail office and express mail it to the Graduate School office.
      • If the international student is currently in the United States attending a U.S. institution, the student must request the registrar to send their official transcript directly to the Graduate School office, or the student may ask a friend or relative to pick up the transcript and express mail it directly to the Graduate School office.
      • The Graduate School can not accept international transcripts that have been previously sent to another U.S. institution.
      • The Graduate School cannot accept copies of transcripts, emailed transcripts, or transcripts that are delivered by a third party to the Graduate School office.
      • Transcripts must include a degree certificate if the transcript is final.
      • Transcripts that are in progress can be evaluated for admission purposes, however, a final transcript with a degree is required before a student will be admitted.
    • How do I apply for an assistantship?

      How do I apply for an assistantship?

      The application will ask if you wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are awarded by the applicant’s graduate program or academic department, not by the Graduate School. For information regarding the availability of graduate assistantships, please contact the appropriate graduate program director. Also, please review the Graduate School's information on graduate assistantships.

    • How much will the program cost?

      How much will the program cost?

      The cost of your degree program varies based on many factors, such as the cost per credit and how many credits are required by your program. Review the cost of with our tuition and fees page.

    • What is the duration of the program?

      What is the duration of the program?

      The duration of a program varies by program and its requirements. Contact the program director to determine an accurate timeline.

    • International applicants

      How long does it take to review my application?

      Once we receive all transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo/PTE/Cambridge test scores and GRE/GMAT test scores (if required by program), the Graduate School will complete a credential evaluation of your education history and forward your application package to the department for review. Unofficial transcripts can be submitted for this part of the process. Depending on the number of applications received, the timeline can vary for review. We recommend that you contact the department to verify the status of your application or log into your application account to view your status.

      At this time, we also recommend you request for your official transcripts with degree confirmation, as this can take time in some countries to obtain. Official GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores can take up to four weeks to be received at the University, depending on the time of year submitted. The sooner you request for documents, the faster we can send an official admission letter, if approved by the department for acceptance.

    • I was admitted! What do I do next?

      I was admitted! What do I do next?

      Log into your application account, and click on the notification that shows your admission decision notification. The official acceptance letter will be sent within two business days to the mailing address on file. You will also receive a letter in the mail that will provide instructions to log into your MyNevada portal. This portal will allow you to register for courses, pay fees and tuition, etc. Please be sure we have your correct mailing address on file.

    • How do I get my student visa?

      How do I get my student visa?

      For issuance of I-20 or other Visa-related processes, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars.