Measuring student and program success: Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

The continuous assessment of program-level Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) is an important responsibility of graduate programs at the University of Nevada, Reno. Integrating these assessments with each student’s thesis or dissertation defense provides a time-efficient method for comprehensively meeting our program-level assessment goals. We greatly appreciate the participation of graduate committee chairs, graduate committees and graduate program directors in this new program.

Graduate advisor expectations

It is the responsibility of each graduate student's advisor to complete the Program Evaluation form for each student's respective program upon completion of their defense, even if a student does not pass. Data will be aggregated annually and used for both accreditation and program evaluation purposes. Advisors also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the SLOs themselves in the form. Program/student success and SLO feedback will be aggregated and delivered to graduate program directors annually to help them continue to improve their metrics for success.

Program evaluation forms

Master's student evaluation forms

Doctoral student evaluation forms