Faculty forms

  • Exception Policy Request Template [PDF]
    Any application of credits in excess of 9 credits requires an exception to policy to be requested by the Graduate Program Director. This is the template for your submission letter to the Graduate School Dean for an Exception to Policy request.
  • Faculty Travel Grants [WEB]
    These grants provide travel funding resources for faculty and are processed in cycles throughout the year.
  • Recommendation for Termination of Graduate Assistantship Form [PDF]
    If a graduate assistant fails to meet pertinent work standards, the Recommendation for Termination of Graduate Assistantship Form must be used to terminate a graduate assistantship appointment and the attendant stipend prior to the end of the GA’s appointed term of service.
  • Overload Request [PDF]
    An Overload Request form is used when a department wishes to increase the number of hours a student is working.
  • Prescribed Program Request Form [PDF]
    Applicants for Master’s degree programs with an overall undergraduate GPA between 2.3 and 2.74 may be admitted with a Prescribed Program Request Form.