Graduate assistant termination


Please review the information from the University Administrative Manual:

  1. If a graduate assistant fails to meet pertinent work standards, the Recommendation for Termination of Graduate Assistantship Form must be used to terminate a graduate assistantship appointment and the attendant stipend prior to the end of the GA’s appointed term of service.
  2. The authority recommending termination, usually the GA’s immediate supervisor, must complete the Termination of Graduate Assistant Form in its entirety; supporting documentation must be attached and submitted with the form.
  3. The form must be reviewed and signed by the Recommending Department Chair and the Graduate Program Director in a period not to exceed fifteen (15) calendar days.
    1. In the case of interdisciplinary graduate programs, the form must then be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School for review and approval/disapproval within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of approval by the Department Chair and Program Director.
    2. In the case of department-based graduate programs, the form must be reviewed and approved/disapproved within fifteen (15) calendar days by the dean of the relevant college/school before being submitted to the Graduate School.
  4. Official notice will then be sent to the GA’s immediate supervisor and the impacted GA.
  5. Once the Recommendation for Termination of Graduate Assistantship Form has been signed by all parties including the Graduate Dean, the termination date will be recorded as the next available future date. The termination date cannot be a date in the past or prior to the completion of the signature process. If signatures are completed after payroll has run, the earliest available date for termination will be the first of the following month.