Tuition and fees for an international student without a graduate assistantship

The following rates apply to state-supported graduate programs. Online programs are self-supported and different rates apply.

Full-time enrollment is required for international students

Full-time enrollment is a minimum of 9 (graduate) or 6 (graduate with assistantship) credits each semester. Classes that are audited are not included in the full-time credits necessary to satisfy U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements.

Visit the Office of International Students and Scholars page

2023-2024 international tuition and fees*

*Does not include college-specific or one-time fees. Scroll down to view possible additional fees. "Tuition" and "fee" definitions are as defined by the NSHE handbook.

List of fee and tuition rates for international students
Fee type International
Registration per credit $321.75
Non-resident tuition $8,478.00
Health insurance
(Fall semester)
Health Insurance
(Spring semester)
International fee $145.00

Fees charged per semester

 A list of universal fees charged each semester
Fee type Fee amount
Academic Success Graduate Fee $5.00
Counseling Services Fee (6+ credits) $70.00
Fitness Center Fee $45.00
Health Center Fee $103.00
Performing Arts Fee $5.00
Student Union Graduate Fee $97.00
Tech Fee per credit $9.00

Nine-credit load example

Please note: International graduate students enrolled in graduate programs at the University of Nevada, Reno are only allowed to enroll in less than 9 credits per semester under a very restricted set of circumstances and must contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to confirm whether they are eligible and to make the required arrangements.

Additional fees

Below are additional fees that may be appropriate for your calculations. Please note: Late fees will be applied for past-due balances.

College-based fees

List of differential fees by College, per credit
Fees Cost
College of Business differential graduate fee $100.00
College of Engineering differential graduate fee $100.00
Community Health Sciences differential graduate fee $50.00
School of Nursing differential graduate fee $239.50

One-time fees

List of one-time fees
Fees Cost
Application fee (domestic) $60.00
Application fee (international) $95.00
Graduate new student fee $35.00
Graduation fee $145.00

Online program fees

Certain online programs are assessed different tuition and fees, as these programs are self-funded. Visit the Online Degree Program Details page for additional information.

List of online program fees
Fees Cost
Distance Education fee per credit $34.00
Non-Resident Distance Education fee per credit* $161.00

*Eligible students will be assessed this fee in lieu of non-resident fees 

Graduate assistantship resource links

How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

Graduate assistantships are awarded by the applicant’s graduate program or academic department. For information regarding the availability of graduate assistantships, please contact the appropriate graduate program director.

Graduate assistantship resources