Graduation dates, deadlines and requirements

Graduation can be a very exciting and hectic time. Be sure to review the items below to ensure you meet your deadlines to graduate on time. 

All candidates for graduation should visit your department advisor to confirm their expectations for your final semester. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for graduation. 

Graduation application deadlines for all doctoral, master's and graduate certificate students

Every student must purchase a graduation application by the designated deadline:

  • May graduation deadline: March 1
  • August graduation deadline: June 1
  • December graduation deadline: October 1

When we receive your graduation application, you will receive an email outlining the result of their graduation review approximately 3-8 weeks after the application has been received. Graduate applications are available in MyNEVADA. 

  • Log in to MyNEVADA and select the "Academic Records" tile.
  • Select "Apply for Graduation" from the menu and follow the steps presented.

Apply for graduation in MyNEVADA

Graduation information

Important dates and milestones for graduate and doctoral students

It is the responsibility of the student to meet the below deadlines in order to graduate on time. Work with your graduate advisor to ensure you meet all degree and program requirements.