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  • UC Berkeley’s Graduate Development Guide
    Familiarize yourself with core competencies that you should acquire during your graduate education and how to go about gaining those skills.
  • National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity 
    The University has an institutional membership, and as a graduate student, you may sign up for an affiliate membership free of charge. The organization offers various webinars and multi-week courses on topics such as writing grant proposals, writing a scholarly papers, teaching undergraduates, work-life balance and many other subjects.
  • Versatile Ph.D. offers the most comprehensive source to discover careers outside of academia, for STEM, Social Sciences and Humanities. 
  • The Professor is In: An excellent resource for those pursuing academic/faculty positions. 
  • The Science careers website, maintained by AAAS, has numerous articles, booklets, webinars, and forum discussions about several different sectors that employ Ph.D.s, including academia, industry, policy and government.
  • The Office of Intramural Training at the NIH provides many resources for various career paths and the development of transferable skills, including videos of professional development seminars.
  • Columbia University's Comprehensive resources for non-academic careers for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • The CIRTL network (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning) started as an NSF-funded, multi-institutional effort, to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in undergraduate STEM education. The site provides numerous resources, including information on writing teaching statements, teaching with technology, addressing diversity in the classroom and many others.