Raymond H. Berner Graduate School Scholarship Program in Molecular Biosciences

Raymond H. Berner was born in November 1913 in Chicago, Illinois and moved west after World War II where he worked as a quality control inspector for the aircraft/aerospace industry then retired at an early age. He spent 25 years of his life as a resident of Douglas County and Carson City, Nevada and died on March 12, 2004 at the age of 90. Ray was cognizant of the need for higher education and upon the death of his wife Margaret in December 2015, the Berner Trusts were distributed equally to four institutions to endow perpetual funds in his name to provide grants-in-aid to graduate and undergraduate students. The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, Northwestern University, the University of California, Berkeley Foundation and the University of Illinois Foundation are the grateful beneficiaries.

The Raymond H. Berner graduate scholarship provides educational funding to students in four categories within the Molecular Biosciences graduate programs. To nominate a student, please contact the graduate program director.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, current students must have completed the annual general scholarship application. It is available in the supplemental forms section of students' MyNEVADA account. Submission must occur between October 1 and February 15 for the subsequent academic year. In order to be eligible, students nominated for a Berner Scholarship must have been admitted to their program without an exception-to-policy (e.g., due to low GPA).

2021-2022 Raymond H. Berner Scholarship award recipients

The following students were awarded Berner Scholarships:

  • Emmanuel Adeyemi – Biochemistry PhD
  • Wendy Alfonso – Neuroscience PhD
  • Ria Anand – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Christopher Atkinson – Atmospheric Science MS
  • Janice M. Baker – Neuroscience PhD
  • Sushila Baral – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Allison Bartlett – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Emer Ni Bhraonain – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Arnab Biswas – Neuroscience PhD
  • Ning Chang – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Ryan Joseph Durbin – Neuroscience PhD
  • Grant T. Fairchild – Neuroscience PhD
  • Emily Brooke Fox – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Ariana Julia Baldonado Gayban – Neuroscience PhD
  • Heather Rayne Green – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Savannah J. Halow – Neuroscience PhD
  • Shannon Harger – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Matthew B. Hawn – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Hailey J. Hermann – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Elizabeth Ashley Jennings – Biochemistry PhD
  • Connor Lambert Jimenez – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Kyle Lethcoe – Biochemistry PhD
  • Johnathan Lomas – Biochemistry PhD
  • Jake Quiambao Manalansan – Neuroscience PhD
  • Molly Elizabeth McVicar – Biochemistry PhD
  • Emily Andrea Medina – Biochemistry PhD
  • Mitiku A. Mengistu – Biochemistry PhD
  • Amy Morris – Neuroscience PhD
  • Ariany Oliveira Santos Nicolich – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD
  • Seth R. Odell – Neuroscience PhD
  • Ryan K. Olsen – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Brian Prince – Biochemistry PhD
  • Jeremiah B. Reyes – Biochemistry PhD
  • Kayleigh Robichaux – Biochemistry PhD
  • Roshika Roshika – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Md Idris Shareef – Neuroscience PhD
  • Carson Crews Smith – Neuroscience PhD
  • Mia Lynn Swain – Biochemistry PhD
  • Brian Szekely – Neuroscience PhD
  • Madison Rose Taylor – Neuroscience PhD
  • Mari Rita Toumaian – Cellular Molecular Biology PhD
  • Elizabeth Ellen Walsh – Biochemistry PhD
  • Chrystle M. Weigand – Biochemistry PhD
  • Caleb J. Worker – Cellular Molecular Pharm PhD

Previous Raymond H. Berner Scholarship awardees