Raymond H. Berner Graduate School Scholarship Program in Molecular Biosciences

Raymond H. Berner was born in November 1913 in Chicago, Illinois and moved west after World War II where he worked as a quality control inspector for the aircraft/aerospace industry then retired at an early age. He spent 25 years of his life as a resident of Douglas County and Carson City, Nevada and died on March 12, 2004 at the age of 90. Ray was cognizant of the need for higher education and upon the death of his wife Margaret in December 2015, the Berner Trusts were distributed equally to four institutions to endow perpetual funds in his name to provide grants-in-aid to graduate and undergraduate students. The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, Northwestern University, the University of California, Berkeley Foundation and the University of Illinois Foundation are the grateful beneficiaries.

The Raymond H. Berner graduate scholarship provides educational funding to students in four categories within the Molecular Biosciences graduate programs. To nominate a student, please contact the graduate program director.

Raymond H. Berner Promising Graduate Student Researcher in Molecular Biosciences

These $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to new students matriculating in the 2018-19 academic year.

  • Ria Anand - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Kelly Riehl - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Andrew Zareie - Biochemistry

Raymond H. Berner Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher in Molecular Biosciences

These $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to senior graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding research performance.

  • Jeremy Fodor - Biochemistry
  • Ira Jain - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Brian Jorgensen - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Junchao Shi - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Yongbo Xue - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Xudong Zhang - Cell and Molecular Biology

Raymond H. Berner Rising Graduate Student Researcher in Molecular Biosciences

These approximately $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to junior graduate students who show promise of outstanding research performance.

  • Bong Min Bae - Cell and Molecular Biology 
  • Pamela Barraza-Flores - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Suzann Duan - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Lauryn Eggleston - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Tatiana Fontelonga - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Heather Green - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Isaura Vanessa Gutierrez - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Emily Hannah - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Derrick Hau - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Gurlaz Kaur - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Salome Manska - Cell and Molecular Biology 
  • Nicholas A. Niechayev - Biochemistry
  • Michael Rudokas - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Christina Smith - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Tori L. Speicher - Biochemistry
  • Zachary Speth - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Zhuqing Wang - Cell and Molecular Biology

Raymond H. Berner Graduate Student Scholarship in Molecular Biosciences

These $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to continuing graduate students in good academic standing.

  • John Baggett - Biochemistry
  • Jon Evasovic - Cellular Molecular Pharmacology Physiology
  • Colin Fox - Biochemistry
  • Riley Kellermeyer - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Mitiku Mangistu - Biochemistry
  • Alexander Selvey - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Zachary Wahrenburg - Biochemistry