Forms and policies for students

The Graduate School uses DocuSign Powerforms for all forms that require signatures, and web forms (Formstack) for all forms that do not require signatures.

With one exception only, the Application to Pursue Graduate Degree, we do not accept PDF or printed submissions. If a printed and/or handwritten form is submitted, it will be returned and delay your approval process.

DocuSign automates the routing and collection of digital signatures. For each form linked below, a pdf version is provided solely as an instructional template for preparing the DocuSign version, not as an alternative form of submission. If you are new to using Powerforms, please read through the DocuSign instructions to understand how to initiate and complete your form. If you have questions about the process or encounter issues with our forms, please contact (775) 784-6869 or email

DocuSign instructions and FAQ [PDF] | DocuSign instructions [PDF]

Forms are organized in alphabetical order within the four sections below:

  • Admissions - Applicable to all graduate students applying to the Graduate School
  • General - Forms applicable to all graduate students within the Graduate School
  • Doctoral - Forms and information specific to doctoral programs
  • Master's - Forms and information pertaining only to master's programs

Please note that faculty/program director forms are located under faculty formsIf you need assistance or cannot access a form, please contact the Graduate School office at (775) 784-6869.


Graduate School admissions forms





General forms




Doctoral student forms





Master's student forms