Ying Yang

Ying Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, MARC Nevada PI


Research Interests

Research in the Yang laboratory is at the interface of synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and soft materials. Inspired by nature, we are interested in the design and synthesis of polymeric materials with built-in dynamic chemistries and hierarchical structures at various length scales. Dynamics of novel polymer structures will allow on-demand control of materials' chemical and mechanical properties, thus creating novel functionalities such as mechano-responsiveness, shapeshifting, and re-processability. As the sustainability of traditional petroleum-based polymers is becoming a pressing issue, another focus of our research is using basic chemistry as a tool to create novel sustainable polymers.


  • Postdoctoral Scholar (2016-2019), Clemson University (Marek Urban)
  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering (2016), Clemson University (Marek Urban)
  • B.S., Chemistry (2010), Nankai University


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