David M. Leitner

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  • American Physical Society Fellow (2012)
  • Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award (2000)
  • Assistant Project Scientist (1998-2000), University of California, San Diego
  • Research Associate (1994-1998), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (P.G. Wolynes)
  • NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (1991-1993); Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (1993, 1994), Universität Heidelberg (L.S. Cederbaum)
  • Postdoctoral (1990), Brown University (J.D. Doll)
  • Ph.D. (1989), The University of Chicago (R.S. Berry)
  • B.S. (1985), Cornell University

Research Interests

How energy flows within a molecule mediates the rate at which it reacts both in gas and condensed phases. We are developing theories describing quantum mechanical energy flow in molecules, and applying them to predict rates of conformational change, such as the prototypical chair-boat isomerization of cyclohexane, as well as photoisomerization of stilbene, a reaction that in many ways serves as a prototype for the initial event in vision. We are also exploring how energy flows in rather large molecules, on the mesoscopic scale, such as proteins or crystalline nanostructures. An understanding of how these objects conduct heat is valuable for emerging nanotechnologies, in addition to describing the role of heat flow during chemical reactions in mesoscopic environments. Rate theories developed for chemical reactions can also be usefully applied to describe the mobility of proteins in cells. We are examining models for transport of proteins in the membranes of cells, such as receptors or channels, that account for dynamical barriers to transport. In the red blood cell, for example, fluctuations in the structure of the membrane skeleton, largely responsible for the red blood cell's remarkable elasticity, strongly influences the mobility of proteins spanning the red blood cell membrane.
David Leitner


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