Chris Barile headshot

Christopher Barile

Associate Professor, Clemons-Magee Endowed Professor in Chemistry


Research Interests

Research in the Barile group seeks to solve problems related to energy conversion, storage, and efficiency using electrochemistry, materials, and inorganic chemistry.

Dynamic windows, which switch between transparent and opaque, are highly desirable in buildings, automobiles, and smart sunglasses. These windows enable ~10% energy savings in buildings. Our dynamic windows are based on the reversible electrodeposition of metals to overcome problems associated with durability, color, cost, and scalability.

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We are developing novel electrochemical platforms to control proton and electron rates to catalysts using hybrid-bilayer membranes (HBM). By modulating proton transfer, we can improve the selectivity of catalysts and understand reaction pathways.

Our laboratory designs new electrochemical approaches to control the structure and function of interfacial battery chemistry. We are developing novel electrolytes and surface architectures that produce tailored battery interfaces.

About the Susan Magee and Gary Clemons Professorship

Mackay School of Mines graduate Gary Clemons '81 (earth science) and his wife, Susan Magee Clemons, established two endowed professorships in chemistry and physics to recognize professors who spark students' curiosity and creativity and motivate them to pursue careers in the fields of chemistry and physics. Established: 2012. (College of Science)


  • Postdoctoral Scholar (2015-2017), Stanford University (Michael McGehee)
  • Ph.D., Chemistry (2015), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Andrew Gewirth)
  • M.S., Chemistry (2011), Stanford University (James Collman)
  • B.S., Chemistry with distinction (2011), Stanford University