Charles B. Rose

Associate Professor Emeritus

Contact Information


  • Postdoctoral (1966), Harvard University (R. B. Woodward)
  • Ph.D. (1966), Harvard University (R. B. Woodward)
  • M.A. (1963), Harvard University (R. B. Woodward)
  • B.S. (1960), Brigham Young University

Research Interests

Research interests include synthesis and determination of physical properties of the macrocyclic tetrapyrrole salts of the tetrabenzoporphyrin system. We also investigate the isolation and structure elucidation of natural products from marine sources.

Charles Rose


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  • Carté, B.; Rose, C.B.; Faulkner, D.J.  5-epi-Ilimiquinone, a metabolite of the sponge Fenestraspongia Sp. J. Org. Chem. 1985, 50, 2785.
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