There are two categories of Chemistry Scholarships:  (1) Those administered through the Financial Aid Office and (2) those administered through the Chemistry Department.

Administered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

All Chemistry Majors should apply for general University of Nevada, Reno scholarships.  There are some Chemistry-specific scholarships that can only be awarded to students who have applied through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  (The Chemistry Department can only nominate you for these awards if you have an application on file with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.)  General Scholarship Applications must be made online.  

For continuing students, the financial aid application typically becomes available after October 1 with typically a February 1 deadline for the upcoming academic year.  You should carefully read the Application Instructions and complete the application as directed in the continuing students section of the UNR scholarships webpage.

Administered by Chemistry Department

Most Chemistry-specific scholarships are awarded through the Chemistry Department and you should apply directly to the department for these awards.  These awards are based primarily on merit and achievement in Chemistry.  Information about these awards is available from the Chemistry Department Office (CB 213, 775-784-6041).  In general, departmental scholarship applications are due in the early spring (late February or early March) of each year.  

Other research fellowships, scholarships, and awards

The UNR Office of Undergraduate Research maintains a list of awards and research funding opportunities for undergraduate students.