Academic Advising

My Planner in MyNEVADA

We expect current students to fill out the "My Planner" in MyNEVADA with courses for upcoming terms as part of the advising process; in conjunction with the academic advising report in MyNEVADA, My Planner is a critical tool to plan and verify your degree completion. Instructions on how to use the My Planner feature in MyNEVADA.

Professional School Advising

For students interested in pursuing professional graduate programs, such as: medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, law, business, etc.

Advising Mission Statement

Undergraduate academic advising in the College of Science teaches and empowers students to take responsibility for learning and for their own academic success through academic planning.

What is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is intended for the student to proactively plan and consult with their academic and faculty advisor on their academic program in order to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Mandatory Advising Policy

All new freshmen and new transfer students are required to participate in the academic advising process and will have an Advising hold placed on their MyNevada account by the Office of Admissions & Records. Per University policy, all new freshmen are mandated to participate in academic advising for at least 2 consecutive semesters. 

The Advising hold is removed by an academic advisor after the student has successfully participated in the advising process.

NOTE: All College of Science engineering programs (Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, and Mining Engineering) require mandatory advising every semester until graduation.

Learn more about academic advising related topics and issues.

Who is my advisor?

The College of Science has both academic advisors and faculty advisors

New students (freshmen and transfers), continuing freshmen and sophomores, students who are declaring or changing their major to one offered by the College of Science, and students on academic probation are advised by their academic advisor.

Juniors and seniors with declared majors in the College of Science AND in good academic standing (UNR cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher) are advised by their  faculty advisor.


Please contact your academic advisor or call 775-682-8755