Viewing Your Academic Advising Report

The requirements for graduation are included in the Academic Advising Report (AAR) that is available to you in MyNEVADA 2.0. Students can access these tools by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0 and search ‘Academic Requirements'.

MyNEVADA Search Bar Screenshot

Then, click on the ‘My Academic Requirements Report (AAR)' icon. You will be prompted to log in.

Academic Requirements Task Screenshot

At the top left of the report, in the box labeled 'Current Academic Objective', your current Career/Program/Plan information is displayed. The report that follows describes the graduation requirements for the Program/Plan and requirement term listed.

Current Academic Objective
If you have submitted an application for graduation, your "Graduation Status" is also displayed. Click the "Expected Graduation Term" link for an explanation of your graduation status.

Expected Graduation Term Help
The Academic Advising Report (AAR) includes University, College, Major, and Minor requirement groups. Each group is designated by a heavy blue bar. By default the blue bars are collapsed when the report is opened if the requirement group is complete. Following is the AAR for a student who has completed all graduation requirements.

Academic Advising Report Tabs

Within each requirement group are requirements, and within each requirement are requirement lines. Click on the green arrows at the left of each item to see the detail. A status of "Satisfied" or "Not Satisfied" is reported at each level.

Requirement Details

The legend at the top of the report explains the symbols that appear in the "Status" column on the course grid after students enroll and complete required courses.

Legend for Requirements

Transfer grades display as numeric values on the report. In the example below, 400 is equal to a grade point value of 4.00 and a letter grade of "A".

Transfer Coursework

When coursework taken elsewhere does not have a direct equivalent at Nevada, the course will be evaluated as (DEPT) LELC or (Name of Department) Lower-Division Elective.

Transfer Coursework with no direct equivalency

A "Notes" column appears in the course grid when exceptions have been written on a student record. Click the hyperlink to see detail on the exception.

Academic Advising Report Notes

Seventeen courses are required to complete the following requirement line. Nine of the fifteen courses the student has taken are displayed by default. To see the remaining courses, click the "View All" hyperlink at the bottom right of the course grid.

Major Requirements Grid

To identify the two remaining required courses, take a screen shot of this course grid and leave it on your desktop. Then click the "View Course List" link at the top left of the course grid.

Please direct questions regarding your graduation application to your academic advisor.