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  • Accounting

    The accounting major provides students with the theories and procedures necessary to prepare them for the many facets of the accounting profession, such as public, industrial, managerial, tax and government accounting. Students gain the knowledge base and conceptual infrastructure needed to make valuable contributions as business professionals in a global economy.

  • Accounting & Information Systems

    This major combines accounting and information systems classes to produce broad knowledge of both areas, including technical management, communication and accounting theories and procedures. Students use this major most frequently to pursue employment with consulting organizations that market, implement and maintain business information systems.

  • Business Administration

    Today's business leaders face increasingly complex responsibilities, demanding extensive knowledge of all functional areas of business. Maintaining and enhancing managerial and leadership capital is key to success. The objective of the business administration degrees are to prepare students for managerial and executive positions.

  • Cybersecurity

    We offer cybersecurity education in an interdisciplinary environment that seeks to integrate technical expertise, business savvy and social context in developing holistic perspectives on cybersecurity challenges. Offered under the umbrella of the University's Cybersecurity Center, our cybersecurity degrees and programs equip graduates to provide industry-ready solutions to ever evolving cyber threats.

  • Economics

    The economics major is designed to prepare students for positions as economic and statistical analysts in business, government and nonprofit organizations, and for the teaching profession. In addition, it provides a strong foundation for graduate study and research in the fields of economics, business, public policy and law.

  • Entrepreneurship

    The entrepreneurship program currently includes an entrepreneurship minor and an area of emphasis in the MBA program. The MBA provides students who did not do a business undergraduate degree to obtain training in business, and the area of emphasis in entrepreneurship provides a focus on training useful for developing a startup business.

  • Finance

    A finance degree can be an excellent start for anyone seeking a career in financial management, banking, investments or insurance. Successful financiers not only grasp the many complex forces at work in finance, they also analyze how these forces interact, allowing them to point investors and companies toward sensible, comprehensive financial strategies.

  • Gaming Management

    The Gaming Management minor is open to all students at the University. Students have the ability to focus their studies in such areas as management, public policy or the legal/regulatory environment. Its aim is to encourage and promote research and learning so that the multifaceted issues surrounding gambling and commercial gaming.

  • Information Systems

    This program gives graduates the ability to understand and manage current and emerging information systems and confers excellent technical management and communications skills. A background in information systems allows for higher-level understanding of how computer systems interface with each other – and thus facilitate and foster the spread of knowledge and ideas.

  • International Business

    International business is an undergraduate program designed for those individuals who intend to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of this exciting new business era. Our program focuses on the principles and practices of businesses that cross national boundaries to operate in the global business environment.

  • Management

    Graduates of this program are equipped with the tools to lead marketing and advertising campaigns, assist with corporate mergers or build successful businesses. In essence, the tools a graduate receives after receiving a degree from the Managerial Sciences Department include the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate and lead.

  • Marketing

    The marketing program gives students strategic insight into one of the most vital components of modern business. Students will be able to help companies and organizations identify customers, develop advertising campaigns, conduct business development research and explore new avenues of brand promotion. Marketing is both a social and managerial process.