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Why study art at the University of Nevada, Reno?

The Department of Art offers a diverse program of bachelor's degree instruction in both art history and studio art. The major options include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking and digital media.

The Department of Art offers a number of exciting opportunities for students to become actively involved and engaged in real-world experiences. The department boasts a world-renowned art museum, a cutting-edge fabrication lab and a printing press that brings the history of book arts alive.

Areas of emphasis in the art program

  • Art history

    Courses range over periods and topics whose content focuses primarily on western art. Periods include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, modern and contemporary.

    The Department of Art also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art History for students wishing to further develop an understanding of historical art periods.

  • Book & publications art

    The book & publication arts program emphasizes both the book as an art form as well as the field of publishing as artistic practice. The program focuses on the many shapes and forms the book has taken throughout history and across cultures.

  • Ceramics

    The focus of the ceramics program is to challenge students intellectually by providing an opportunity for an art-making experience with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture.

  • Digital media

    The digital media program is an interdisciplinary area for researching and implementing emerging media in contemporary art.

  • Drawing

    The drawing program builds on foundational drawing skills and further explores the possibility of "mark-making" as a form of expression.

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design curriculum will focus on formal graphic design language, while exploring other media and studio art practices such as 3D, 4D, motion and virtual reality.

  • Painting

    Painting courses develop students' ideas by exploring different painting techniques and media through demonstration, investigation and experimentation.

  • Photography and videography

    In concert with the evolution of the photographic medium, the photography program has pursued an evolving curriculum that embraces the digital era of photography.

  • Printmaking

    Printmaking students explore conventional technique as well as contemporary practices such as photo, digital media and installation.

  • Sculpture

    Sculpture - above all art disciplines - is comprehensive and open ended in materials and approach. This allows for all forms of creative expression.

  • Minor

    The Department of Art at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in any of the art emphasis areas to include art history, book & publication arts, ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and videography, printmaking and sculpture.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is interdisciplinary by design; students accepted into the program come from all disciplines within the department including art history, book & publication arts, ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and videography, printmaking and sculpture. Students work to explore their creative development in an atmosphere that encourages cross-discipline activities and engagement.

    Students who have completed 60 credits hours at the University overall may apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The Department of Art will screen candidates through an application process and portfolio review, and determine a candidate's acceptance.

    In addition, applicants must have completed a minimum of 12 credits in studio art and 12 credits in art history. Candidates must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all courses to gain acceptance to the major.

    Bachelor of Fine Art students are admitted in the fall semester only.

    Application guidelines

    Applicants are to submit a completed cover letter, application form, portfolio and any additional supporting materials,* (such as exhibition announcements, newspaper publicity, etc.) no later than 4:30 p.m. Feb. 14, 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.

    *Supporting materials are optional (if you have exhibition announcements or other items you would like to add, please add pages to the application form).

    Portfolio submission guidelines

    Please submit one PDF document saved as 'LastName_FirstName' which contains:

    • Cover Letter explaining your interest in the program
    • Your completed application form
    • Portfolio of 10-20 images representing your work (when creating your PDF make images 72 dpi, not to exceed 800 pixels in either dimension, to keep the document small in size)
      • Performance, video and interactive media must be submitted as an active URL placed in a PDF, and must not exceed five minutes in length
      • Submit URLs for web-specific artwork

    Please also provide:

    • Image descriptions with each image: including name, title of work, dimensions (h x w x d), date work completed and specific media used. You may include brief descriptions where necessary or
    • Alternatively, provide a separate page with a numbered image inventory list: including name, title of work, dimensions (h x w x d), date work completed, and specific media used. You may include brief descriptions where necessary.

    Kevin Blue
    BFA Application
    Image Inventory
    1. "Untitled # 134," gelatin silver print, 20" x 24", 2005
    2. "Valentine," steel sculpture, 72" x 24" x 20", 2004

    Submit the application either via email to Inge Bruggeman or via flash drive (with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your flash drive) to the Department of Art office room 209, Church Fine Arts. We will make every effort to announce the results in early spring.

    For more information, please contact BFA Program Coordinator, Inge Bruggeman at (775) 784-6731.

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